SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2019/02/28

SNAP Steering Committee 2018-2019

Meeting: Thursday, February 28, 2019
Time: 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET
Where: Discord Server

Attending: Elena Colon-Marrero, Gayle Schechter, Brenna Edwards, Maggie Hoffman, Laura Bell, Virginia Seymour, Tiffany Cole, Stephanie Crawford, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Joe Schill

Absent: Molly Brown, Kara Flynn, Isaac Fellman

  1. Chair - Elena
    1. Junior Social Media Coordinator Update: Welcome Stephanie Crawford
    2. BlogERS Update
      • Call for contributions went out. If we can keep pushing that on Social Media that would be great.
    3. Human Rights Archives Section Partnership
      • Topic: Structuring an ethical internship
      • Meet federal guidelines, but also useful to interns to help get experience they want and need
      • Funding request will be submitted tomorrow; SNAP has added blurb to request. It will be a few months before we know if there’s funding. If no funding, SNAP will have to decide if we want to proceed.
      • Webinar early next year if they get funding to pay speaker. If not, will be further conversations
    1. Austin Meeting
      • We are holding a joint meeting with Issues and Advocacy
      • Funding internships - success stories and failures when advocating for paid internships at institutions, and alternatives for compensation when they couldn’t pay
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect - Gayle
    1. Unpaid Internship Updates
      • More information gathering has happened!
      • Informal survey of SNAP members/wider community about programs on requirements on paid/unpaid internships
      • More on financial burden of taking on an internship, 10 questions, sharing experiences = blog post and publicize/advertise section meeting at SAA
      • Survey will be ready/sent out soon-ish, probably around time of next meeting
      • Be on lookout for potential survey questions coming to the Steering Committee for review
  3. Blog Team - Isaac, Joe, Laura
    1. Sign-up sheet for blog posts!
    2. Scheduling people/blog posts coming soon, so be on lookout in email
    3. Planning still in progress for future posts, but be on lookout
  4. Social Media - Tiffany, Stephanie
    1. #snaprt chat debrief
      • February 26th on elevator speeches, went well!
      • March #snaprt chats: 2 chats in March! Academy of Certified Archivists chat possible topic - 2nd week of March probably
      • May narrow down to one over summer months because conference season and schools are on break
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator - Virginia
    1. Boilerplate email to send to saa chapters we know.
    2. The UT Austin chapter wants to help with saa. Is there a way for them to contribute? Idea of a little saa visitors guide for snap members, and they’re down to do that but want examples. Has anyone been to a conference that offered a local guide?
      • Suggested to reach out to Felicia Owens to get them in touch with the Local Host Committee
      • Have them co-host an outing with SNAP?
  6. Web Liaison - Eve
    1. Resource Guide for New Members with Membership Committee
      • Proposal sent to SAA Headquarters to get feedback, not sure on timeline because of annual meeting stuff
      • Will keep everyone posted

Additional updates? Will try to livestream section meeting for those left behind

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