SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/12/11

SNAP Steering Committee 2018-2019
Meeting 3: Tuesday, November 13, 2018
Time: 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET
Attending: Elena Colon-Marrero, Gayle Schechter, Brenna Edwards, Maggie Hoffman, Molly Brown, Rachel Fellman, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Laura Bell, Virginia Seymour, Joe Schill, Tiffany Cole, Kia Guest
 Absent: Kara Flynn, Heidi Charles
  1. Chair - Elena
    1. Welcome new Ex-Officio Members
      1. Student Chapter Coordinator: Virginia Seymour
      2. Student Blog Editor: Joe Schill
      3. New Professionals Blog Editor: Laura Bell
      4. Senior Social Media Coordinator: Tiffany Cole
      5. Junior Social Media Coordinator: Shakia (Kia) Guest
    2. Student Fund Update
      1. Summary: est. award/scholarship for first generation students through SAA for membership. Written out, and have item to send to Council for their next meeting.
      2. Contacted individuals for feedback - waiting to hear back from them
    3. BlogERS Update
      1. Summary: Electronics Record Section reached out to connect students/new professionals with digital archivists for Q&A blog series. SNAP in charge of reaching out to students, and have ability to cross-post when series is live.
      2. Start recruitment January with publishing in February and March
    4. #snaprt chat with Mentorship committee
      1. Planning has begun. Chat will be on Thursday, Jan. 24th, 8 pm EST
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect - Gayle
    1. Brainstorming Session on advocating against unpaid internships
      1. Did Twitter chat back in November on this topic (see #snaprt)
      2. SAA is going to stop posting unpaid internships on the job board (per Erin from November Council meeting)
      3. Study on unpaid internships? Women’s Archivists Section did salary survey, which is similar to what thinking (longer term project)
      4. Reaching out to College & University Archives Section to collaborate on something (still thinking on possibilities)
      5. Reaching out to student chapters - see if they have any ideas on how to confront this; see how jobs are posted at individual schools?
      6. Informal survey looking into different program’s requirements regarding unpaid internships; see what resources are available on this topic
      7. Post anything you find on unpaid internships in the #unpaid-internships text channel on Discord!
      8. Before meeting next month, Gayle will brainstorm a list of resources
      9. Create a formal statement for support when SAA formally announces ban on unpaid internships on the job board, and post on SNAP blog/listerv when the time comes
  3. Blog Team - Rachel
    1. There’s a blog team now - yay!! Laura and Joe
    2. Meeting tomorrow to go over plans for the blog
    3. Will be looking for new Year In The Life contributor - if you know anyone, let Rachel know; looking for anyone who is interested!
  4. Social Media - Tiffany and Kia
    1. Met with Elena last week, looking forward to hitting ground running
    2. Drafted social media schedule, alternating every 2 weeks
    3. #snaprt January 24th, 8 pm EST
    4. Potential early January #snaprt for archives resolutions 2019, looking back on 2018; probably first week of January
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator - Virginia
    1. Goals for the next year: reviewing Chapter Handbook and expanding it; want to add resources on how to launch new chapters, like to keep more regular connection between the leaders to keep people aware of what’s happening
    2. SAA in Austin this year, want to use as way to connect with student chapters in the Southwest to host events and connect them to each other
    3. Harry Ransom Center wants to host professional development workshop
    4. Host student chapter meet and greet?
  6. Web Liaison - Eve
    1. Resource Guide for New Members with Membership Committee - Brenna and Molly are working on this too, as well as members of the Membership Committee
  7. Additional updates?
    1. Remember this is a volunteer position, so if you need to take a step back, just let Elena know! Details not needed.
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