SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/11/13

SNAP Steering Committee 2018-2019

Meeting 3: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Time: 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET

Attending: Elena Colon-Marrero, Gayle Schechter, Maggie Hoffman, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Brenna Edwards, Molly Brown, Kaa Flynn

  1. Chair
    1. Student Fund Update
      1. Contacted individuals for feedback - waiting to hear back about changes, etc.
    2. BlogERS Update (joint blog series between students and digital archivists)
      1. They are currently finishing up their current blog series
      2. Start recruitment January with publishing in February and March
      3. Cross-posted to our blog
    3. Call for Nominations
      1. We have 5 individuals who’ve submitted nominations so far. We are still looking for individuals to submit nominations for senior social media coordinator.
      2. All other positions have one, if not two, nominated for them
      3. If you know someone, reach out to them!
    4. #snaprt chat with Mentorship committee
      1. January Chat on how to find mentors and what is mentorship.
      2. Tentatively January 24th
      3. What mentorship is, and how it works in SAA.
      4. Use as practice chat with new ex-officio officers
      5. Next chat is November 15th (Thursday), on unpaid internships; be sure to check it out!
  2. Vice Chair/Chair-Elect - #snaprt chat on the 15th
    1. Advocacy surrounding unpaid Internships
    2. Google Doc is posted in #unpaid-internship-working-group
      1. Take a look for feedback/resources, see if there’s any edits/questions
    3. Blast to be sent out to SNAP, Student Chapters, and Announcements listserv tomorrow morning about #snaprt
    4. Hoping to get some ideas going for next steps
  3. Blog Team
    1. Still posting control-access on rotating schedule and having regular postings
  4. Social Media
    1. #snaprt on Thursday, November 15th!
  5. Student Chapter Coordinator - n/a
  6. Web Liaison
    1. Resource Guide for New Members with Membership Committee
      1. Collecting information for people when first become a member
      2. Hope is to be a page on the main SAA site
      3. Thoughts/plans to be sent to SAA offices/Felicia Owens in January, and moving forward with more drafting to happen after feedback
  7. Additional updates? - N/A