SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/10/17

SNAP Steering Committee 2018-2019
Meeting 2: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Location: Discord
Time: 6 PM PT / 8 PM CT/ 9 PM ET


Attending: Elena Colon-Marrero, Gayle Schechter, Maggie Hoffman, Rachel Fellman, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Brenna Edwards



  • Student Fund Update - Elena
  • BloggERS Update - Elena
    • There is no update; here so we don’t forget about it. Still TBD
  • Call for Nominations - Elena
    • I’d like to send out a call for nominations for ex-officio positions next week (October 22 - 26)
    • Draft email for feedback will be sent out either Monday or Tuesday to committee for feedback
    • Rachel will post on the blog
    • Will also be emailed and put on social media.
    • First Due date Nov. 14th? Can extend if needed.
    • Once nominations come in, Elena will compile, send out to steering, and then we can provide feedback and then Elena will send out notifications to nominees.
    • Any questions can go to Elena
  • Vice Chair/Chair-Elect - Gayle
    • Advocacy surrounding unpaid Internships
      • Thoughts and ideas have been posted in Discord channel
      • Schedule Twitter chat for soon, since lots of interest from people in working with SNAP on something
      • Can choose any day that falls on a 5; Elena can help
        • November 15th!
      • Any ideas or things you come across on the topic can be tossed into the Discord channel on it
      • Let Gayle know if you have any thoughts on this!
  • Blog Team - Rachel
    • SAA Session Recaps/Summaries are all posted. Had all but 5 people out of 30 who posted!
    • Interview format coming soon - end of November
  • Social Media
    • Twitter chat November 15th!
  • Student Chapter Coordinator - n/a
  • Web Liaison - Eve
    • Resource Guide for New Members with Manuscript Section
      • MSS and Memberships Committee - who reached out to
      • MSS decided not in scope
      • Memberships Committee super interested; SAA is also really interested in moving forward with this project!
      • 2-3 of their officers/helpers to work on together
      • Next step: virtual meeting for those helping; Doodle poll will be circulated by Friday
      • Brenna and Molly have expressed interested in helping
      • Google Doc from past sent out; if there’s anything you want to help with or have thoughts on, let Eve know/just throw in a comment/suggestion
      • If interested in helping, let Eve know
  • Additional updates?
    • No additional updates!
  • Feel free to use Discord as well as the listserv to bring up anything you want to talk about!


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