SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/09/11

SNAP Steering Committee 2018-2019

Date: September 11, 2018

Location: Discord

Time: 9 pm EST/8 pm CST/6 pm PST

Attending: Elena Colon-Marrero, Gayle Schechter, Kara Flynn, Maggie Hoffman, Molly Brown, Rachel Fellman, Eve Bourbeau-Allard


  • New meeting platform: Discord
    • Similar to Slack, with channels and reactions, etc.
    • Make sure you are on Voice Activity in order to talk for future meetings
    • Defaults to Push to Talk
    • Available via webclient, desktop downloads, and mobile app. If you are using the mobile app you will need to push to talk. Otherwise we will not be able to hear you. Be sure to un-mute yourself too when using other platforms than mobile.
    • Text channels have been set up for the blog team, social media team, and chair/vice-chair to use so they do not clog up the general chat. Also an alternative to email! 
  • Update on Steering Committee Positions:
    • New members-at-large: Molly Brown, Kara Flynn, and Maggie Hoffman
    • Brenna is new Secretary, moving up from Student Blog Editor
    • Rachel is new Blog Coordinator
  • Chair/Vice Chair Goals
    • No silos in social media team and blog team; encourage everyone to get involved with the blog: whether own post, helping with controlaccess posts, help plan #SNAPChats/#SNAPrt
    • Another month or two before filling in empty blog and social media roles. Start reaching out to people who you might know now, especially students! Use your local networks and be ready to push out the postings once we’re ready to post them.
    • Added in time for ex-officio members to report out/update on how things are going and any plans. Along with general updates for everyone else.
    • Restart Program of Work: document to help guide for next year and show what other SAA groups we are a part of and who could be a point person, get everyone involved both at national and regional conference for SNAP to be better known. Ex. conference medic (band-aids, etc.)
  • Annual Meeting
    • Minutes are posted
    • Facebook Live Stream: is available, cut out halfway through. Audio recording will be available soon.
  • Student Fund Update
    • Award for first-gen students for those who can’t afford membership to SAA to get one; set for 2 students a year; not sent to Council for review and approval yet. Hope to get done by October and sent for November meeting.
    • Look over if you can! Especially if more thoughts/ideas on how to make it stronger. Will be sent out for comments and revisions.
  • BlogERS Update
    • Kelly Bolding says “I confirmed with the group the tentative answers I provided a few weeks back. We’re fine with SNAP posting the full text of the interviews on your blog as well rather than just linking back to us. And we will provide some text and a Google form that we can share with you to help recruit interviewers for the series. We’ll also take responsibility for matching interested participants up with digital archivists once the call for participants is circulated.”
    • They’re finishing up a blog series over the summer but they’re thinking that our sections could start recruiting participants for this new series in August or September.
    • No update at the moment really.
  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Gayle 
    • Wanting to get more involved with advocacy around unpaid internships
    • Some blog posts, maybe a Twitter chat around it
    • Create a working group - think on and contact Gayle; 2 or 3 to spearhead with a wider net to get student chapters involved.
    • Look into various program requirements at different schools for an archives/MSLS degree; collaboration with College and Universities section at annual meeting?
    • Have open forum for people to comment on and show it is an issue in the profession; open letter to SAA?
  • Blog team
    • Kara is here who has been doing Year in the Life for the past few months
    • Benefited from slotting people in the controlaccess posts; down to about one post a month per person
    • Can do a guest post, no commitment needed!
    • Want to try to get more students on the blog; reach out on Student Chapter listserv for Elena or Gayle to send
    • Q&A template to send out to get people to send in content?
    • SAA Session Summaries are rolling in; there is some delay due to Hurricane Florence, now due 9/21
  • Social Media Update
    • Gayle has been updating the Twitter for now
    • Go back to posting the controlaccess posts and blog posts and linking
    • Quoting and linking to blog posts good way to add content to Twitter account
    • Any #SNAPChat ideas? Let Elena know!
    • Gayle: first one on unpaid internships
    • Generally choose topic, think of 5 questions, send them out every 10 minutes or so; template in documents to help structure. Elena can help run.
  • Web Liaison
    • Eve works with Alison who is Chair of Manuscripts section
    • Propose guide on SAA for newcomers with information on Council, appointed versus elected positions, timelines, intern calls, official publications, etc.
    • Resource Guide for New Members with Manuscript Section
    • We discussed the possibility of creating a web page (either hosted centrally on SAA, or on the SNAP microsite). It would summarize the SAA committees/sections/leadership structure, and feature a timeline how to get involved (when are the annual elections for sections, volunteering for committees, internships, etc). This resource could also point out to other professional involvement opportunities with regional associations.
    • Google calendar integrated to keep up with events and deadlines that people could add or download to their own accounts
    • Manuscripts Section working group, 3 people from each. Build up together and think of outlines going forward. Could also include Membership Committee, making it 2 people from each group for total of 6.
    • New standing rules will be posted on SAA site; should be posted, if not now, should be soon
  • Additional updates
    • Discord has tutorials, to be posted in the general chat!



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