SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/07/25

SNAP Steering Committee 2017-2018
Meeting 10: July 25, 2018
Time: 5:30PM PT / 7:30PM CT/ 8:30PM ET
Attending: Katie Rojas, Elena Colon-Marrero, Brenna Edwards, Rachel Cohen, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Heidi Charles, Adriana Flores


  1. New Meeting Platform: Talky was a bust
    1. Back on Skype. It seems to be the most reliable platform.
    2. Elena will decide if a new platform will be used in the future.
    3. See point 7 for potential funding idea for subscription platform
  2. 2018-2019 Steering Committee Election
    1. Results are in!
    2. Nominees have been notified of the results
    3. Section will be officially notified at the annual meeting in August
  3. BlogERS Update
    1. Kelly Bolding says “I confirmed with the group the tentative answers I provided a few weeks back. We’re fine with SNAP posting the full text of the interviews on your blog as well rather than just linking back to us. And we will provide some text and a Google form that we can share with you to help recruit interviewers for the series. We’ll also take responsibility for matching interested participants up with digital archivists once the call for participants is circulated.”
    2. They’re finishing up a blog series over the summer but they’re thinking that our sections could start recruiting participants for this new series in August or September.
    3. Elena will be chair at that time, so Katie will defer to her and the blog team to decide if that’s a good time for you guys to do this series with them
  4. Student Fund Update
    2. Elena is collecting feedback and editing the document now.
    3. We’ll submit to council for discussion. Before submission she has a form to accompany the proposal (currently working on)
    4. Then we’ll receive the proposal with comments/edits and we can then submit it as an action item for their official vote
  5. Social Media
    1. Chat on 7/31 re: the annual meeting
    2. Gayle and Emily will be helping Amanda with social media since we are still without a junior blog coordinator.
  6. SAA Annual Meeting
    1. The Program Committee is putting together a webinar Friday 8/3 at noon ET with “Top 10 Tips for First Timers to the Joint Annual Meeting.” Let’s participate & share this with our membership!
      1. Webinar will be recorded, audio-only, with slides.
      2. They’d like a SNAP-er to participate. If you’re interested, let Katie know by Thursday, 7/26 if you’d like to participate.
      3. We can circulate the webinar afterwards for SNAP-ers
    2. Reminder that we’re having a joint meeting with MSS - panel members and brief description available on Sched. Katie will meet with MSS folks soon to create agenda and draft questions.
      1. Issues & Advocacy section will have a similar theme to their meeting if anyone wants to continue the conversation at their section meeting the next day.
      2. Please let Katie know if there’s anything you think we need to announce at the meeting.
    3. TS DACS will make an announcement in our meeting
      1. Adrien Hilton’s announcement: “I'm writing in my capacity as Co-Chair of TS-DACS. I'm not sure if you've already lined up your program for the annual meeting in Washington. If you have room, I was wondering if me or a member of TS-DACS could share a brief announcement about our work on the revised DACS principles? It wouldn't take more than 3-4 minutes. You may have seen our call for comments last year. Newer professionals were particularly excited about the revision. We need lots of folks to comment that they support the revision. We are hoping to garner such support at SAA and announcing at the SNAP meeting would be fabulous.”
    4. Live Stream/Recording the Section Meeting - this will be pretty low tech. SAA has no provisions/support for this; we are on our own. Katie reached out to Stephanie Bennett with CMT and they are using a laptop and YouTube’s Creator Studio to host a Hangout Live, provided the internet holds up. If that fails they will record the video with a cell phone and post to YouTube later.
      1. Katie would like to try to record with her cell phone (on airplane mode, propped up on a mini tripod that she already owns) and Elena will monitor it during the meeting and hope for the best. Not ideal but if everyone speaks into the mic it might be ok.
      2. Facebook Live is an option as well. Elena has access to our SNAP Facebook page, so we could stream live and keep the recording there.
    5. Adriana made a schedule, yay!
      1. The pop-up sessions were added after Adriana made the schedule, so she will go through and add those.
      2. Let Adriana know if there are other sessions you’d like to have added.
    6. Only one person has signed up for session recaps. The lunch buddy and rideshare spreadsheets are nearly empty too. Please PROMOTE!
      1. Session recaps:
      2. Lunch Buddy:
      3. Ride/Roomshare:
    7. SNAPpy hour? Who all is attending the annual meeting this year? (Katie, Elena, Rachel F., Brenna Edwards, Heidi Charles). Casual get-together after the section meeting on Wednesday evening
  7. The form to request funds from the Section Funding Pilot is now available on the Funding Resources for SAA Groups page.
    1. Email from Felicia: “As you may recall, the Council recently approved a pilot program to provide annual funding to all SAA Sections. This funding exists to support the ongoing work of Sections. Each Section will be allotted $250 for Fiscal Year 2019 (July 1, 2018,  through June 30, 2019) that can be spent (per the stipulations listed below) to support the ongoing work of the Section. The Section chair must submit the form with a direct invoice to the SAA for funds to be distributed. Funding for one fiscal year will not carry over into the next fiscal year. Annual funding may be used at the discretion of the Section steering committee for a wide variety of purposes, including:
      1. Printing or postage;
      2. Mid-year meetings;
      3. Surveys and assessments;
      4. Travel expenses for non-archivists to travel to the Annual Meeting for Section-endorsed programs; and
      5. Other activities that support the strategic goals and mission of SAA.
    2. Annual funding may not be used for items or activities that are already a part of the SAA annual budget; refreshments or social events; or honoraria or travel funds for SAA members or other United States-based archivists.
    3. Click here to review the various funding resources available to all SAA component groups.
    4. Questions? Contact your Council Liaison or SAA Governance Coordinator Felicia Owens (”
    5. We could potentially use this funding to pay for a meeting platform for our monthly calls.
  8. Anything else?
    1. Transitioning positions
      1. Try to connect with the person you’re replacing/transitioning
      2. Update the wiki!!
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