SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/05/16

SNAP Steering Committee 2017-2018

Meeting 8: May 16, 2018T
ime: 5:30PM PT / 7:30PM CT/ 8:30PM ET
 Attending: Katie Rojas, Adriana Flores, Amanda Mellinger, Brenna Edwards, Emily Kintigh, Gayle Schechter, Ève Bourbeau-Allard, Rachel Fellman.

  1. Potential switch to new video platform--not Skype.
    1. Katie will experiment with other options and let us know before the next call.
  2. Welcome Rachel Cohen! (New Blog Coordinator)
    1. Rachel Cohen was unable to make the call but Rachel Fellman has been in touch with her.
  3. Steering Committee election for 2018-2019
    1. Deadline for people to nominate themselves/someone else is May 30
    2. Continue to publicize regularly to gather nominees
    3. At least 2 of our candidates must be students, per our standing rules
    4. Katie will submit ballot info to Felicia Owens on June 1, elections will be in July
    5. Everyone should feel free to reach out to people we think would make good candidates.
  4. Registration for SAA 2018 is open
    1. New member/first timer guide is up, includes links to SNAP’s Lunch Buddy & Ride/Roomshare spreadsheets - please continue to publicize regularly
    2. All council members should share on social media!
  5. Student Membership Scholarship proposal (Gayle/Elena)
    1. Elena and Gayle have put together a proposal for Council to review. They’re submitting it for the Council’s review before the official submittal.
    2. The next SAA council meetings are in August, September, and November.
    3. We’ll submit for review in August, make revisions, and hopefully officially submit by Sept. or Nov.
    4. It’ll be part of the overall SAA scholarship fund/cycle.
    5. The proposal states the award will recognize two first-generation students. Funds will go towards SAA membership for one year. Requirements: submit short essay, prove current student, open to full or part-time students.
    6. Thank you, Elena and Gayle!
  6. Storify is shut down as of May 16, 2018 - today! (Amanda)
    1. We have decided to migrate content using Wakelet
    2. Everything should be visible and Amanda can send a link out to everyone but it's the same username as Twitter (SNAP_Section)
    3. We’ll probably need to update the links on the blog that used to point towards Storify. Amanda can work on compiling the links for the blog team--but Katie says it is not high priority. Amanda can work at her own pace.
    4. Brenna suggested we tweet out the link for transparency and she can help edit the links on the blog.
  7. Twitter (Robina)
    1. Password change in light of recent user data exposure
      1. Amanda is not sure if the password has been changed for Twitter. She’ll check with Robina.
    2. Twitter Chats - Possibly source topics from Society of Southwest Archivists Annual Meeting? 
      2. Ève suggested a twitter chat surrounded around the Session 6 titled “The Other Community Archivist: Volunteering Your Archival Labor.”
      3. In our own time, scroll through the schedule and email the group with any twitter chat ideas.
  8. Electronic Records Section Blog (blogERS) potential collaboration (from Kelly Bolding)
    1. “We’re interested in running a series on our blog geared towards students, new professionals, and even seasoned processing archivists looking to delve into digital-focused roles, to help inform them about core competencies, day-to-day work, and strategies for developing digital skills. One idea we had was to match up MLIS students/new professionals with practicing digital archivists and have the students/new professionals conduct mini-interviews with the digital archivists, which the interviewers would then write up for the ERS blog. We could provide some canned interview questions, if needed, but interviewers could ask anything they were curious about. Does this sound like something that would be useful to SNAP members? And if so, could we ask for your help in recruiting potential interviewers from the SNAP membership?”
    2. Sounds like an interesting project!
    3. They’d like our help recruiting potential interviewers for their project. Katie will ask them to type up a social media description and we’ll post it on our accounts.
    4. Main question: do they have a problem with us re-posting the blog content on the SNAP blog?
  9. Anything else?
    1. Social Media planning conversation for next meeting
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