SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2018/03/19

SNAP Steering Committee 2017-2018
Meeting 6: March 19, 2018 Time: 5:30PM PT / 7:30PM CT/ 8:30PM ET
 Attending: Katie Rojas, Adriana Flores, Brenna Edwards, Elena Colón-Marrero, Eve Bourbeau-Allard, Heidi Charles, Rachel Fellman, Gayle Schechter, Robina Torres

SAA Students Listserv is now shut down

  1. Cannot automatically send people to SNAP but SAA can send message notifying them that the list is disbanded and encourage them to subscribe to SNAP
  2. Update: Katie spoke to Felicia and she said: "The students listserv is currently set so that if someone sends a message to it, they get an automatic bounce-back message that indicates the list has been decommissioned and pointing them to post their message to the SNAP list."
  3. So even though they cannot automatically subscribe former Student list members to SNAP, those who were members have already been notified, and anyone who tries to use the list will be automatically pointed to SNAP.

Wiki Check-in

  1. Guide on editing wiki pages in PB Works:
  2. We all received links so that we can set up our own accounts. If you haven’t done so yet, please do.
  3. If you are an elected steering committee member rolling off in August, please try to fill in your section of the wiki before your term ends.
  4. Links to the meeting minutes will all be located on the Secretary page.
  5. We should create a “Past Leadership” page that shows all of the leadership rosters so that if a current committee member has questions they could try to reach out to someone who used to hold their position.

Joint Section Meeting @ SAA Annual Meeting w/ Manuscripts Repositories Section

  1. Scheduled for Wednesday 8/15 @ 4pm (preliminary schedule)
  2. Does not overlap w/ Women Archivists or Archives & Archivists of Color
  3. Panel: Dorothy Berry, Elizabeth Myers, Melissa Gonzales (former SNAP chair, works at Museum of Fine Arts Houston)
  4. Thanks to everyone for the feedback they provided. Final meeting description we submitted: "Join us for a panel discussion focusing on the current state of hiring practices in the profession, followed by breakout conversations. Topics will include the value of generalists vs. project positions, labor ethics, temporary vs. permanent, and career transitions. Ideas will be compiled to share with the broader archival community."

Student Membership Award (Elena)

Elena met w/ Felicia Owens, see notes:

  2. Major points for us to think about:
    1. The funds for our scholarship (if approved) would come from the general award fund (not a named Scholarship like the Josephine Foreman scholarship). Thus, we’d have to lobby for people to donate to the general fund and then make sure we have a compelling application so that SAA allots our scholarship with a substantial amount of funds.
    2. We need to think hard about how we consider applicants for our award. Multiple winners or just one? Need-based, impact-based, random/lottery?
    3. We need to submit a proposal to Council by November for the award to go into effect by SAA Annual Conference 2019. We can draft our application and Felicia will review it/provide feedback. We can also submit it to Council for feedback before official submitting it.
  3. Gayle suggested the scholarship go to first generation students since they are often students who need financial assistance to attend conferences and supporting them would likely support diversity & equity within the profession.
  4. Everyone should brainstorm what they think the scholarship should look like and send it to the committee/Elena.

SAA Council has approved pilot program for $250 annual funding to all SAA sections

  1. This was a recent announcement made by Nancy Beaumont.
  2. $250 to each section for FY 2019.
  3. Section chair has to submit an invoice after July 1st. The funds can be used for a variety of things including printing; postage; mid-year meetings; surveys and assessments; travel expenses for non-archivists to travel to the Annual Meeting for Section-endorsed programs; and other activities that support the strategic goals and mission of SAA.
  4. Funds may not be used for items or activities that are already a part of the SAA annual budget; for refreshments or social events; or for travel of SAA members or other United States-based archivists.

Blog Coordinator Search

  1. Thank you Rachel & Amanda for advertising on blog & twitter!
  2. Currently we have one respondent.
  3. It was suggested we leave the call open until the end of the month.
  4. We should all reach out to our professional orgs and academic communities to encourage people to apply.

Bylaws/Standing Rules Updates

Current bylaws w/ markup changes:

  1. From Felicia Owens:
    “By May 1st, share PDF in a news item on SNAP microsite and note that these standing rules revisions are being put forward by the steering committee, to be approved in a referendum on the section’s annual election ballot, and provide brief comments that indicate the proposed changes and why they are being made, and attach/include a link to the PDF. Then share on the section listserv so all members are notified of the upcoming referendum”
  2. Katie will send a link of the news item to Felicia so it can be included in our upcoming annual ballot. Felicia will send Katie election results the day after the ballot closes, and then we can announce if revisions were approved. Felicia will update the SNAP Standing Rules webpage if approved.

Storify is shutting down as of May 16, 2018 (Amanda/Robina/Rachel/Brenna)

  1. We’re searching for a platform to save all of our past twitter chat content as well as a platform to preserve upcoming twitter chats.
  2. How long has Storify been used?
    1. It was first used in 2013, but has only consistently used for the past 2-3 years. There are 50 “stories” on there, which means presumably 50 blog posts will be affected by broken links.

  3. Before Adrienne started implementing Storify, they used to just make blog posts that recapped the twitter chat with a few tweets embedded in the post.
  4. Katie suggested we may just have to lose the Storify content if we can’t find a way forward. Suggested we could potentially get an SAA intern to help us with this project if we do figure out a plan.
  5. Robina will look into what the exported Storify content looks like, as well as potential replacement programs. We could just leave the exported content in a shared GoogleDoc or find something a bit more sophisticated.

Anything else?

  1. New experiences blog posts.
    1. Multiple members mentioned they’re attending their first conferences soon and are interested in writing blog posts about their experiences.
    2. Brenna mentioned she’d be happy to have committee members writing posts--it’s hard to get content from students around this time of year.
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