SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 11/08/2017

SNAP Steering Committee 2017-2018

Meeting 3: November 8, 2017

Time: 6PM PT / 8PM CT/ 9PM ET

Attending: Katie Rojas, Adriana Flores, Amanda Mellinger, Lauren Gaylord, Gayle Schechter, Brenna Edwards, Emily Kintigh

  1. Bylaws/Standing Rules Updates (Katie)

    1. Katie made a copy of the current bylaws. Please comment on it with your thoughts! Katie will be working on editing these in the coming months.

  1. Update on Manuscripts Section discussion collaboration (Katie)

    1. Meeting got pushed back (next Wednesday) so no current updates

  1. Reminder: SAA session proposals are due Wednesday, November 15th

    1. There was a blog post on the SAA Council blog about what they’re looking for/what makes an awesome proposal. Look at these guidelines for help!

    2. See Council blog post:

    3. Katie thinks this is a great opportunity to get the ball rolling in thinking about SNAP stuff for this next meeting. Start brainstorming ideas! Bring anything up in meetings or email Katie. We’ll need to submit official plans by late February/early March.

  1. SNAP Wiki update (Katie)

    1. Katie started working with GoogleSites and there was an old SNAPRT gsite that had already been created! No content on it.

    2. There are two versions of gsites: classic version and “new” version

      1. The new version has some permission issues

      2. The classic version is a bit clunkier

    3. As a result, Katie is also looking into PB works

      1. Katie is looking into this option as it might be easier

    4. Katie may send out an email in-between meetings to get feedback. Keep your eyes open.

  1. Ex-Officio Elections (Katie)

    1. Junior Social Media Coordinator, Student Chapter Coordinator, New Professionals Blog Editor, Blog Coordinator positions open

    2. We have at least one nomination for each position. Review the candidates and let Katie know your thoughts.

  1. Updates on Student Fund (Elena & Gayle)

    1. Email sent to Erin Lawrimore (SNAP’s SAA Council liaison) asking for resources on proposing and establishing a fund

    2. More info to share at next month’s meeting!

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