SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 10/02/2017

SNAP Steering Committee 2017-2018

Meeting 2: October 2, 2017

Time: 5PM PT / 7PM CT/ 8PM ET

Present: Katie Rojas, Adriana Flores, Adrienne Duris, Elena Colón-Marrero, Amanda Mellinger, Lauren Gaylord, Gayle Schechter, Emily Kintigh, Ève Bourbeau-Allard

  1. Bylaws/Standing Rules Updates (Katie)

    1. Following a recommendation from ex-chair Kelly, Katie reviewed our current bylaws, noticed items to be updated, and wanted to start a conversation about them:

      1. Ex-officio roles & term limit clarification

        1. Do we want to keep this flexible (and document elsewhere), or write it down in the bylaws? The upcoming elections offer an opportunity to add/remove a position or change role descriptions.

      2. Newsletter – no longer in use, need to remove references

      3. Roundtable to Section – minor language changes

      4. Katie will spearhead this effort so if you have any ideas, contact her directly. SNAP will need to vote on all changes and get council approval.

  1. Ex-Officio Elections (Katie)

    1. Confirming - if you have been in your position for one year are you ok continuing for a second year?

      1. Contact Katie if you plan on vacating your ex-officio position at the end of this calendar year

    2. Junior Social Media Coordinator, Student Chapter Coordinator (Adrienne is at the end of her two years), New Professionals Blog Coordinator (Lauren likes the idea of having this position because it’s an opportunity for people to get involved if they didn’t get elected before; it offers multiple editorial perspectives on the blog and spreads workload)

      1. We’ll need to fill all of these positions, plus any that are vacated, for next year. We’ll need to publicize these open positions, so they’ll need to go on Twitter, blog, our listserv (and others) and the website. These are nominations, not elections, so people just need to submit an application and our committee decides. Terms will start with the new calendar year.

  1. Update on Manuscripts Section discussion collaboration (Katie)

    1. Katie has been working with the Manuscript section on a potential collaboration. Ashley Todd Diaz has been our point-person. Katie sent her our notes from the last meeting and their section came up with the idea of doing a shared section meeting during SAA next year as the venue to hold a conversation about project/temp/part-time/generalist positions.

    2. In response to Katie’s email about it, Felicia encouraged shared sections meetings for collaboration and ease of scheduling. Katie wanted the Steering Committee’s opinions. Elena says it’d be doable because SNAP doesn’t usually use the full time allotted to the meeting, and Gayle thinks it’d be a great opportunity for first timers to mingle with people they might not have a conversation with otherwise. Adriana suggested we carve out another opportunity or two to have just SNAPers get together in a non-intimidating setting (like a happy hour).

    3. Katie is going to let Ashley know we’re interested in collaborating and we’ll move forward.

  1. SNAP Wiki (Gayle)

    1. Gayle proposes we create a reference Wiki or central Google Drive so that new committee members won’t feel as lost with procedures, role descriptions, accounts information, etc. Lauren has been doing her own documentation for the blog, and Elena says there’s a Google Drive for SNAP Chats, but it would be great to have everything at the same place.

    2. Possible issue with Google Drive is ownership when steering committee members change.

    3. Since most SNAP committee members are new to professional committee work, this would be helpful for all incoming positions.

    4. Katie is going to find some examples of wikis/google drive for us to choose from and we’ll start collaborating via email.


  1. Updates on Student Fund (Elena & Gayle)

    1. Elena and Gayle have started creating a list of key contacts, email drafts, and planning docs. They’re about to start reaching out to SAA contacts and will update at the next meeting.

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