SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 02/02/2017

SNAP Steering Committee 2016-2017

Date: Thursday, February 2, 2017

Location: Skype

Time: 8:00pm ET/7:00 pm CT/5:00 pm PT

Attending: Elena Colon-Marrero, Lauren Gaylord, Kelly Kietur, Nicholas Piontek, Brenna Edwards, Ève Bourbeau-Allard, Katie Rojas

  1. Secretary election results

    1. Winner of Special Election for Secretary is Adriana Flores! Kelly will Contact.

  2. Update on SAA housing

    1. Both locations for conference housing have asked for deposits in order to reserve rooms. We could put together a list of cheap housing to share instead of handling other people’s money.

  3. Starting conference planning

    1. Begin to decided what we are going to do. Last year Holly and others put together a really good city guide (see link below). We could put together a SNAP focused guide. Suggestions? Unknown how much time we will have for meeting.

  4. Possible question for Candidates for the SNAP blog: How should SAA advocate for records, archives, and archivists under a Trump administration? (Katie)

    1. How should archivists and leadership respond to Trump and his administration? There are five questions from leadership to ask current SAA nominees, but it might be too much for them to answer. We could do a #snaprt chat where we ask the ppl running to join us or an Ask An Archivist blog post. Respecting the Candidates time is important. There are people who are not running who have or may have great ideas to contribute.

    2. #snaprt chat scheduled for Monday, February 27th.

  5. Liaison between SNAP and ACA (Katie)

    1. ACA exam: Mott Lin was interested in seeing if we would like to have be a liason between ACA and SNAP. Someone like Michael would be more approachable to SNAPers.

  6. Preserving #snaprt tweets (Elena)

    1. The social media team is hosting a joint chat with DocNow. Bergis Jules suggested we use DocNow’s tools to preserve our #snaprt chats outside of using Storify. We will start doing this moving forward.  Allied Media Conference: Archiving Social Media.

  7. Possible partnership between SNAP and the Business Archives Section

    1. Gene Martin: Corporate Archivist at IBM sugged a partnership between SNAP and Business Archives section. A lot of places have corporate archives and lot of people do not want to be corporate archivists. How can we have a partnership. He will be at SAA this year. Possibly have him come speak. He offered and seemed interested. Ideas include getting students to write blogs regarding corporate internships and a #snaprt chat.

  8. Miscellaneous items (if any)

    1. Kelly is compiling a list of people in SNAP who are presenting at SAA.
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