SAA '12 Ride share / Room share / House share Finder Now Available!

Use the tabs in the spreadsheet to find a ride, offer a ride, find a roommate, or offer crash space in your home near San Diego. This spreadsheet is editable by anyone. If you no longer need a ride, rider, or roommate, please come back and update your information. SAA attendees who are not SNAP members are welcome to use this spreadsheet!

This spreadsheet is intended for informational use only. It is not a matching service; you need to use the information on the spreadsheet to find people to share rooms and rides with. SNAP, SNAP officers, and SAA are not responsible for the contents of this spreadsheet or any actions which result from using this spreadsheet. Please use good judgement and common sense when reaching out to strangers.

SAA '12 Ride share / Room share / House share

Lilie29071 says:
Friday night in San Diego

This is my first time attending a SAA conference. Is there a place for finding someone else traveling from my area? Or to see if someone else is interested in sharing a taxi to go to a Jewish service Friday night? Thank you.  Brianne