Nominate yourself for a SNAP steering committee position

Here's the list of open steering committee positions, with a short description for each. (These descriptions are only preliminary and may change over time.) If you're interested in holding any of these positions, email SNAP Chair Rebecca Goldman (rebgold AT gmail) with the positions you're interested in and a couple sentences about why you're interested in each one. If you've already emailed her about serving on the steering committee, please email her again. Please get your emails in by Wednesday 2/15 at 9 PM EST.

  • Vice Chair: Support the Chair in leading SNAP. Handle the Chair's duties when the Chair is unavailable.
  • Secretary: Take notes during steering committee meetings. (Note: these meetings will be held online.) Ensure that SNAP's activities are appropriately documented.
  • Student and student chapter coordinator: serve as a liaison between SNAP and SAA student chapters. Represent the needs of students on the steering committee. (Current students in archives programs will be given preference for this position.)
  • Liaison coordinator: serve as a liaison between SNAP and ACA, SAA groups, and any other interested groups or organizations.
  • Outreach/Newsletter coordinator: Coordinate the publication of a regular SNAP newsletter. In cooperation with the Web/Social Media coordinator, promote SNAP and its activities.

In order to serve as a steering committee member:

  • You DO have to be an SAA member.
  • You DO have to be comfortable with online collaboration tools (Google Docs, wikis, etc.) or willing to learn.
  • You DO NOT have to commit to attending SAA12. 
  • You DO NOT need any prior experience to volunteer for a particular role.