Standards Committee annual meeting agenda, 2013

1:00-1:05    Call to order
            Introductions and new members
            Recognition of outgoing members

1:05-1:20   Standards Committee report (Cory Nimer, Lisa Miller)

1:20-1:35   Council liaison report (Dennis Meissner)

Ongoing projects and activities

1:35-2:05   Review of Standards Portal and discussion of possible next steps

2:05-2:30    Filling the NISO representative vacancy

2:30-2:45    Break

Constituent group reports

2:45-4:15   Discussion of submitted technical subcommittee, development and review team, and liaison reports

Developing standards and future plans

4:15-4:25    Partnering with RBMS on metrics work (Lisa Miller)

4:25-4:35    RBMS/CALM work on primary source literacy (Cory Nimer)

4:35-5:00     Goals and projects for 2013-2014