Best Practices for Records Management

Our intention is to provide workflows, quick introductions, and examples of policies and procedural documentation for records managers. This list is not exhaustive or prescriptive.


If you have documentation you would like to add to this list, please email us at 


Records Retention Schedules:

·       North Carolina Community College System 

·       University of North Carolina System 

·       Simmons College

·       Dartmouth College 

·       University of Michigan

·       Functional Schedule for State Agencies (NC)

·       RDAs for State Agencies/Universities/Colleges (AL) 

·       State Agency and Local Government Records Retention Schedules (WY) 

·       General Records Schedules for Local Government Agencies (NC) 

·       Retention Schedules for Local Government Entities (WA) 

·       State Retention Schedule (TX) 

·       Certified State Agency Schedules (including universities) (TX) 

·       Local Government Retention Schedules (TX)


General Guidance/Resource Guides:

·       Anything from University of Illinois System RIM 

·       Tip Sheets and Guidance OSU 

·       In-Office Records Management Harvard 

·       Records Management User’s Manual, Dartmouth College 

·       Record Keeping Guidelines for University Committees and Working Groups, University of British Columbia  

·     AACRAO’s Student Records Management : Retention, Disposal, and Archive of Student Records. American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, 2013. 

·       Records and Information Management. Patricia Franks. 2013. 

·       Electronic Records Management, AIIM (2010) 

·       Records Management Toolkit, London Museums Hub (2010) 

·       Records Management Regulations, Policy, and Guidance, NARA (2019) 

·       Government Information Management, Library and Archives of Canada (2018) 

·       Managing Records, The National Archives (undated)

·        The Texas Record blog


 Vital/Essential Records:

·       University of Washington Checklist

·       Council of State Archivists Essential Records Online Course 


Electronic Records:

·       University of Washington Email Policy  

·       Digital Library Federation, Levels of Born Digital Access,  

·       Scheduling the Ephemeral: Creating and Implementing Records Management Policy for Social Media (SAA 2018)  

·       Preservation-Friendly Websites 


RM Policy/Manual:

·       Sample Electronic Records Policy for Colleges and Universities (NC) 

·       Williams College Records Management Policy 

·       Dartmouth College Records Management and Archives Access Policy 

·       University of British Columbia Records Management Manual 

·       Haverford College Records Management Policy 

·       New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation (2015)




Related Organizations:

·       ARMA 

·       AIIM 

·       NAGARA 

·       ISO 

·       IRMS