2018 MDOS Members

As of March 2018, MDOS has updated its committee roster, and includes the following members:

Co-Chair: Martha Parker, University of Arkansas Libraries

Co-Chair: Blake Graham, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries

Social Media Coordinator: Rebecca Pattillo, University of Louisville

Steering Committee Member: Courtney Butler, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Steering Committee Member: Laurel Mcphee, University of California, San Diego

Steering Committee Member: Elisa Landaverde, Michigan State University

Web Liaison: Aaron Speight, Western Governors University

Council Liaison: Bertram Lyons, AVPreserve

The MDOS committee is continuing to meet together and discuss plans for the annual MDOS meeting at Archives * Records 2018. In addition, the committee is also exploring new ways to communicate events and activities, and encourage creative discussion. More details to come.