2020 Business Meeting Minutes

SAA Labor Archives Section

Annual Business Meeting

August 13, 2020

1:00 PM-2:15 PM PST

 Attendees[Ben Blake, (Labor Collections Archivist, University of Maryland);  Bridget Burke, (University of Oklahoma); Steven Calco, (Kheel Center, Cornell University); Conor Casey, (Labor Archives, University of Washington); Kristen Chinery, (Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University); Judy Ferrar, (University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth); Louis Jones, (Walter P. Reuther Library, Wayne State University); Curtis Lyons, (Kheel Center, Cornell University); Barb Morley, (Kheel Center, Cornell University); Lucinda Manning, (Consulting Archivist, Labor and Women’s Collections); Eva Martinez, (South San Francisco Public Library and Labor Archives and Research Center, San Francisco State University); Ellen Noonan, (Archives and Public History Program, New York University); Laura Pratt, (Smith College); Janel Quirante, (University of Hawaii); Crystal Rodgers, (Labor Archives, University of Washington); Michelle Signer, (Trinity College); Vakil Smallen, (NEA Archivist, George Washington University); David Staniunas, (Presbyterian Historical Society); Gavin Strassel, (UAW Archivist, Reuther Library Wayne State University); Robin Walker, (Archivist, International Longshore and Warehouse Union); Casey Westerman, (Institute of Advanced Study); and Debra Wynn (Library of Congress)]

 Ben BLAKE and Conor CASEY called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. PST  [Incoming Co-Chair Shae RAFFERTY not in attendance]

Report from SAA Council Liaison

Keynote Presentation:

Chris Garlock, Union Cities Coordinator, Managing Editor, Union City; Director, DC LaborFest; Host, Union City Radio/Your Rights At Work/Labor History Today/Labor Radio-Podcast Weekly

Chris GARLOCK will give a presentation on “Labor History Today,” the labor history podcast network, and DC LaborFest, with particular reference to recent links to Black Lives Matter. 

New Business

LAS Retreat at NALHC 2018

Section Funding Proposals

 Conor CASEY reviewed the SAA announcement on Section funding.  A new program for $250 is available, and there is also an existing grant program for $500-$5,000.  He said he will send an email out to the group to generate discussion on possible use of these funds. 

LAS Session at SAA 2021 

Conor CASEY spoke about the benefits of having a Labor Archives Section branded session on the SAA agenda.  

LAS Session at LAWCHA 2021

 Conor CASEY announced that the next LAWCHA conference will be held in Chicago, Illinois in May, 2021 and suggested that the Section organize a labor archives session at LAWCHA.  Proposals are due October 1.  http://www.lawcha.org/annualmeeting/chicago-illinois-2021/

LAS Session at NALHC 2021

NALHC 2020 has been rescheduled due to the pandemic October 14-16, 2021, at Wayne State University. Would anyone like to plan a joint session as part of the LAS? 

Ongoing/Future Projects: LAS Working Groups 

  1. Labor Archives Directory Update Project (Crystal RODGERS) Google form. Submit that and we can add into our directory ourselves. Do outreach and raise awareness. Systematic opportunity to directory entries. 
  2. Linked Data Working Group (Liz PARKER, Michael BARERA, Conor CASEY): Linked data, Wikidata, SNAC, Wikipedia
  3. Documenting the Now/Dynamic Documentation (Angela WOODALL, Catherine POWELL, Conor CASEY) Angela, Conor Casey, and Catherine Powell met to discuss documenting COVID-19 before the emergence of the current wave of BLM. This could be a change to really emphasize BLM and Documenting the Now in our Section’s work.
  4. Labor Archives Portal Working Group (Conor CASEY)
  5. Proposals for new working groups/signing up for existing groups
  6. This year: Shift to monthly meetings of working groups and LAS. 

Reports on Labor Archives

Meeting Adjourned at 12:45 p.m.