Meeting Minutes, 2019 January 9 (I&A Steering Ctte.)

SAA I&A Steering Committee Meeting, 2019-01-09

11:00am-12:00pm PST


Just kidding Zoom is down this morning! Back to our usual call-in number.

Call-in Number: (641) 715-0700

Access Code: 767350

Present: Courtney, Samantha, Rachel, Steve, Ruth, Summer

Not Present: Kristin

Notetaker: Sara






  • Summer transitioning out of Vice-Chair role and out of field; not renewing SAA membership. Will continue to volunteer and work on re-design.

  • Society of California Archivists forming labor group. Might be just labor issues or broader advocacy approach. Looking to collaborate.

Check-in on ongoing projects:


  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter): Samantha

    • Steadily getting followers. Good response on blog post about three majors in archives.

  • I&A Liaison/Meeting Minutes: Sara

    • Quiet so far, just posting minutes to microsite

  • I&A Monthly Recap: Kristin

    • Almost ready to send out January recap

  • Blog master: Summer (Samantha will take over)

    • Re-design and new logo

Research Teams

  • Archivists on the News- Steve

    • Scheduled post for February - no author (previously scheduled author has dropped out)

    • Sent last follow-up email to 3 potentials this morning

    • Another is scheduled for March

    • Cross-promoting COPA post

Blog Series

  • Steering Shares: everyone! Please refer to Google calendar.

    • Steering Share, Ruth 12/14

    • Mid-year Share, Courtney 1/4

    • Mid-year Share, Summer 1/18

  • Archivists on the Issues- Ruth (Rachel as backup)

    • Call is out, one response. Repost?

- Repost as one-off idea because of less of commitment

-Will respond to Joanna Black-she’ll do 2

    • UCLA temps would like to submit post

-Starting to get word out

  • ICYMI: As needed

    • Report from other related conferences, etc.

Special Projects

  • Temp labor survey working group- Courtney, Steve, Sara, Rachel, Angel Diaz

    • Formulating questions

    • Next meeting? In a week or two.

Other things!

  • Advocacy Design Share- Summer

    • Will continue with this work as a volunteer.

  • Annual Meeting- all

    • How can we make it amazing?

Action Items

All: ongoing assignments


-Courtney will be on Committee on Data and Assessment