Meeting Minutes, 2018 December 5 (I&A Steering Ctte.)

SAA I&A Steering Committee Meeting, 2018-12-05

11:00am-12:00pm PST

Call-in Number: (641) 715-0700

Access Code: 767350

Present: Courtney, Steve, Rachel, Summer

Not Present: Sara, Kristin, Samantha

Notetaker: Rachel



Ruth - next time

Kristin- next time

Check-in on ongoing projects:


  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter): Samantha

    • Things are going swimmingly

  • Blog master: Summer

    • Needs to post:

      • Rachel’s Steering Share

      • Sara’s Steering Share

    • Survey re blog?

      • Gathering audience’s support/interests re the blog

      • Re-design?

      • Summer will draft survey on Survey Monkey

        • CD to share SurveyMonkey login

  • I&A Liaison/Meeting Minutes: Sara

  • I&A Monthly Recap: Kristin

Research Teams

  • Archivists on the News- Steve

    • Currently 5 confirmed volunteers for Archivists on the News

      • Have post for this week, but haven’t had time to edit it yet (should be done by Friday)

      • Plan to write 1 news post per month

    • Collaborating with COPA for News Response Team

      • Contacted interested volunteers re our news teams vs. COPA’s news team

      • Will manage to not duplicate efforts but to cross-promote on social media but not duplicate blog posts

Blog Series

  • Steering Shares: everyone! Please refer to Google calendar.

    • Steering Share, Ruth 12/14

    • Mid-year Share, Courtney 1/4

  • Archivists on the Issues- Ruth (Rachel as backup)

    • Call is out! No responses as of yet…

      • Repost in January

    • Recruiting people to write single posts?

      • Tap into your networks

      • Perhaps Karly Wildenhaus to write a post about unpaid internships

  • ICYMI: As needed

    • C’mon people!  

Special Projects

  • Temp labor survey working group- Courtney, Steve, Sara, Rachel

    • Steve added Courtbot on Qualtrics -- so this is a great way to go, way more features than SurveyMonkey

    • We are moving forward with the survey ourselves (as opposed to working with SAA/getting money etc/spending money)-- basic data analysis

      • Can hand over raw data to new SAA group

      • Draft of questions-- touch base in January to finalize questions to get the survey out in early spring/end of winter.

Other things!

  • Collab with Sunlight Foundation- Courtney

    • Double rachel call (Rachel B and Rachel M)

    • Webinar with Web archiving section

      • Chair Alexis says “awesome”

      • Rachel (of Sunlight) will be running the show and web archiving section and I&A will be cosponsoring in Spring

      • Blog post to follow

  • Advocacy Design Share- Summer

    • Sent Mary Rubin an email re this project

    • Work towards creating a space for people to submit materials rather than us creating the materials ourselves (list is not comprehensive..some ideas) modeled after Library Design Share Portal, Library Workflow Exchange

      • Guidelines for addressing issues at higher levels and lower levels

      • Meeting guidelines

      • Advocacy/marketing materials (open houses, etc)

      • Instruction-based materials

  • November Joint Advocacy call- Courtney and Summer

  • Annual Meeting- all

    • Keep thinking of good ideas!

    • Courtney suggested the idea of organizing a cool panel-- labor organizers perhaps

  • Date of next meeting Jan. 2nd. Keep? → push to 1/9

    • Reminder: Rachel M’s bday is 1/8

Action Items

Courtney: Reach out to Ruth

Rachel:  Resend call for Archivists on the Issues in Jan.


All: ongoing assignments