Meeting Minutes, 2015 September 9 (I&A Steering Ctte.)

I&A Steering Committee

2015 September 9

Conference Call

 New Business:

A.     Plans for feedback from members:

1)      Proposed affinity group changes—survey?  (due to SAA 9/15) [done]

2)      Proposed dues increase—survey? (SAA vote is 10/21 or after)


B.      Plans for the year:

1)      Wendy (Chair) continues work with SAA leaders to clarify role of I&A within SAA’s advocacy agenda; identify concrete ways to support our mission, vision, values.  Goal:  establish model of action involving all roundtable members.

2)      Wendy to continue work with Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC)—lines of communication for advocacy issues.

3)      Christine (Co-chair) to do “Archivists on the Issues” blog—a forum to discuss issues facing the profession; and “Steering Shares” blog posts (introducing the Steering Committee).

4)      Involve membership:  Research Team model? Live tweets? I&A meet-ups at regional conferences?

5)      Social media

6)      I&A endorsements of issues—define how and when:

a)      Voting or survey modal

b)      Poll the members on suggested advocacy issues

c)      Ask I&A steering committee candidates for suggestions

d)     Define when steering committee encourages I&A members to volunteer on an issue vs. when steering committee encourages the issue leader to reach out to I&A members directly.

e)      Project ARCC

f)       Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development (—tight timeline, so steering committee will decide whether to endorse to SAA [we did endorse]

7)      Steering Committee Handbook, with social media information, guidelines, and models of practice.


C.     Website Editor:  identify volunteer (Laurel) to:  1) review and update Advocacy Toolkit; 2) with Chair and Co-chair, discuss with Internet Archives whether the research roundups created by our Research Teams can be archived there; 3) handle blog posts (except for Archivists on the Issues) and website updates.


D.    Seeding Ideas for 2016 SAA Annual Meeting sessions (due 11/13/15)—SAA now has a spreadsheet for sharing ideas and finding collaborators:


E.     Establish a standing monthly meeting:  second Wednesday of each month, 3 p.m. EST