Meeting Minutes, 2015 October 14 (I&A Steering Ctte.)

I&A Steering Committee

2015 October 14

Conference Call


Last Meeting Follow-up:

1)      Website (Laurel).  Minutes from the August SAA meeting and September conference call are posted.

2)      Blog (Christine).  Everyone signed up for the “Introducing the Steering Committee” blog posts; we’re ready to write them and post in November.

3)      Surveys (Wendy).  Affinity group survey was done.  Dues increase was discussed among Steering group and with Lisa.

4)      Project ARCC.  Wendy will check in with Casey.

5)      Lyon Declaration on Access to Information and Development.  We endorsed it to SAA; SAA signed on.  []


New Business:

A.    Wendy summarized her October 1 discussion with SAA leaders about the I&A Roundtable.  We focused our follow-up discussion on the following topics:

1)      I&A Research Teams (Wendy will set up sign-ups).

a)      A pilot project with wide membership participation.

b)      Three types of research teams were suggested:  Legislators Research Teams, News Monitoring & Awareness Teams (agile and flexible), and Key Archives Topics Teams (in depth and ongoing research).

c)      We decided to start with (1) Legislators Research Teams (each team will be led by a steering committee member, doing in-depth research about a legislator.  SAA will supply names; for SAA advocacy efforts); and (2) News Monitoring & Awareness Research Teams (each team will be led by a steering committee member, with each topic defined by the group leader, and focusing on issues from general news media, other professional organizations, etc.).

2)      I&A Polls

a)      Use a simple majority of I&A membership to prompt an action.

b)      Work together with other SAA affinity groups.

c)      Clarify who will have standing to respond to the poll.


B.     I&A Web Presence

a)      Name:

b)      Christine set up the site by the end of October, shared the draft with the steering committee, and revised it.


C.      Illinois Museums situation—the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC) will assist I&A in crafting a statement for SAA review.


D.    “Archivists on the Issues” blog posts—everyone is encouraged to contribute posts to Christine.