I&A Steering Committee - 5.28.21

Present: Holly, Genna, Caitlin, Bradley, Lauren

Not Present: Joanna


  1. Check-Ins

  1. Housekeeping / General Announcements

    1. Personal check-ins

    2. Past Business - Special Projects/Goals for the Year

      1. Big Project Updates and Next Steps (link to brainstorming document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NIk3fXrPRUDihMrsHXisyW1VzEVveYV5VbjXixZdLDk/edit)

      2. Holly - still has not checked in with Ricky

      3. Sheridan has talked with the Michigan organizing group and they are drafting a blog post.

  1. Projects updates

    1. Outreach

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter): Genna

  • I&A Liaison: Holly

  • I&A Monthly Recap:  Caitlin - will share next week

  • Blog: Joanna/Holly

  1. Blog Series 

  • Steering Shares: Caitlin has written a share.

  • Archivists on the Issues: 

  • ICYMI: Burkely Hermann’s post - final one coming

  1. New Projects

    1. Annual Meeting Scheduling  Tuesday, July 27, 4 PM

      1. Christina Zamon has agreed to be the manager on the panel

      2. Other panel members? - Archival Workers Emergency Fund, maybe Courtney Dean? Lydia Tang?

      3. Moderator, also develop questions? - Lauren will do this

      4.  We will spend some time in the next meeting developing questions.

    2. COPP/COPA/RAAC/I&A Workshop

  2. Adjourn