I&A Steering Committee - 10.21.20

Present: Holly, Brad, Genna, Sheridan, Caitlin, Lauren

Not Present: Joanna

Notetaker: Holly


  1. Introductions

  1. Housekeeping / General Announcements

    1. Personal check-ins

    2. Future calls - Is this a monthly time that works for everyone? Doodle for next month

  1. Projects updates

    1. Outreach

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter): Genna

  • I&A Liaison: Holly - will not have an update until November on Joint Advocacy Call

  • I&A Monthly Recap:  Caitlin (find documentation on how)

  • Blog: Joanna/Holly

  1. Blog Series 

  • Steering Shares: Holly - POST ONE OF THESE IN EARLY NOVEMBER

  • Archivists on the Issues: DMCA proposal

  • ICYMI:

  1. Special Projects/Goals for Year

  1. Define how and why we make statements (or SAA); what is SAA’s (long and tedious) process? How do we fit in?

  2.  Help with A-Census?

    1. Ask Council Liaison where we can support them, and how can our past work inform the survey. 

    2. Courtney’s survey on precarity could help inform some questions.

    3. How do we define who’s in the profession?