Blog Entry 20: End of the Year Thank You

As outgoing Chair of the Issues and Advocacy roundtable, I wanted to write one final blog post for the year.  I hope you've enjoyed and learned from members of the steering committee as well as our guest bloggers.  I also hope that we've shown you that advocacy is not only an important part of our profession, but one that doesn't need to be this overwhelming, all-encompassing act.  I hope that each of you will begin incorporating advocacy into your daily work, whether it's posting on Facebook, Twitter, or a blog; working with your community to highlight your collections; starting a relationship with your resource allocators (be they supervisors, politicians, or board members); or forming collaborative working groups with other organizations in your area.  I hope you see that there are so many ways to become engaged in your community that can contribute to advocacy for the profession.

I have a lot of hopes.

This upcoming year looks to be just as exciting.  With Jeremy Brett as the incoming chair and Sarah Quigley as vice chair, I know that there will be some spectacular new ideas coming.  We will have returning steering committee members as well as some new faces, and I can't help but be excited about what's coming!  I hope (there I go again) that all of you will continue to be actively engaged in the roundtable and continue to bring great ideas and suggestions to our group. 

Thank you for being a part of this group and for continuing to speak out for the archival profession.

I hope see you y'all in New Orleans!