Election Results - Independent Archivists Section 2020-21

And the winners are!! Please join me in welcoming.....

Vice Chair / Chair Elect: Ingi House, Director of National Archives, Denver, CO

Term Statement: ingi house

During this term I would like to support and coordinate with the chair in order to accomplish the mission of the IA section. In addition, I would like to outreach more and coordinate more resources for Independent and Solo archivists, including virtual chats where we can exchange ideas on more informal level and have a safe place to vent.



Steering Committee Member 1: Gina Tecos, Desk Set Consulting, Detroit, MI

gina tecosTerm Statement:

During this term I would like to help facilitate conversations with other independent archivists about themes and current issues in the field. I am also interested in compiling and preparing topics to discuss at section events, on the section web site, and at the annual meeting. 



Steering Committee Member 2: David Spriegel, Alabama Department of Archives and History, Secretary of State Liaison Archivist

 Term Statement:
During my term I will support, “the sharing of ideas, information, and support amongst archivists outside the traditional archival repository.” I will also use my diverse professional experiences (as an independent consultant for records management with local government agencies) to, “offer members advice and support” on various topics. Additionally, my voice as an archivist who identifies as disabled, will further add to the discussions and resulting work of the section. 


Steering Committee Member 3: William Coates, Archivist for Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, NY

william coates

Term Statement:
Throughout my term, I would like to collaborate on building and sharing resources, as well as help create more opportunities for outreach. I am especially interested in reaching out to early career members of the IA section and getting them involved.