2019 Independent Archivists Section Elections

The Independent Archivist Section Elections will be held in early July 2019. The ballot will be sent to all members of the section through SAA Connect and voting will be conducted via Survey Monkey. Ballots will remain open for two weeks.

Steering Committee Candidate
Rachael Woody 
I have been an archivist for more than 10-years with 2-years (and counting) as a consulting archivist. Along the way I've developed a passion for advocacy and specifically, advocating for our value as archivists. As independent consultants we have few supports in place to help us build and advocate for our value as consulting archivists. If I am elected as a member of the Independent Archivists Steering Committee, I will bring my passion for advocating our value and will work to develop resources for consultants to use as they build and manage their practice.
Vice Chair Candidate
James Harvon 
From my work in a wide range of activities, I have seen two things that I believe are significant to our profession. The first is that there is a vast amount of human activity that has a true need for the evidence of their activity and the information they have created, to be preserved for the future in some form of archives; but the people involved are unaware of this. The second thing is that archivists tend to practice in a space that they define, enlarging it slowly, often in connection with “allied” professions, and at a pace that leaves them very far behind the pace of technology and active information generation and use; but they are often unaware of possibilities to step outside of their space and adapt to new circumstances. My goal in this section is to do all that I can to help archivists understand the different places where they may be needed, and help organizations understand their need for archivists.