2018 IA Section Elections - Candidates

2018 IA Section Elections

The Independent Archivist Section Elections will be held in early July 2018. The ballot will be sent to all members of the section through SAA Connect and voting will be conducted via Survey Monkey. Ballots will remain open for two weeks.

Candidates for Vice-Chair: 

     Kate Blalack <kate@woodyguthriecenter.org>

Kate Blalack is the Archivist and the Exhibit Manager at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Kate has a BA in studio art from Oklahoma State University and a Masters Degree in Human Relations and Library and Information Science from the University of Oklahoma.

Candidates for Web-Liaison:

     Aaron Speight <aaron.speight@wgu.edu> 

Aaron Speight is the Digital Archivist at Western Governors University.  Working in the Special Collections/Archives field since 2009, he earned his Master of Arts in Information Resources and Library Science in 2011.  He is a Certified Archivist through the Academy of Certified Archivists.

     Denise Russo  <infospeakconsulting@gmail.com>

As an independent archivist, I provide archival services to Estates, lawyers and non-profit agencies. The materials that I archive range from diaries and religious icons to digital resources.

Candidates for Steering Committee (3):*

     Jennifer Steinhardt <jcsteinhardt@gmail.com>

Jennifer is a lone arranger establishing the archives for The Christ Hospital Health Network.  I started work as an independent archivist in 2017 when I was approached by someone looking to utilize my skills.  I've previously served on the Business Archivist Section Steering Committee as the Member-at-Large, and I am a certified archivist with masters degrees in history and library science with an archives concentration from Simmons College. 

     Leigh Armstrong <leigh@armstrongjohnston.com>

Leigh Armstrong is a visual materials archivist and researcher based in Chicago, Illinois. Leigh’s company, Armstrong-Johnston, serves a broad array of clients, including cultural organizations, businesses, families, and documentarians. As a consultant working on large projects, she brings together independent contractors with diverse skills, including conservation, registration, and digitization, to best serve the unique needs of her clients. 

     Deborah Thomas <deborahmthomas@outlook.com>

Information concerning the duties of each position may be found in our Standing Rules here: https://www2.archivists.org/groups/independent-archivists-section/standing-rules

*Three positions are open for the Steering Committee. The two candidates recieving the most votes will serve a three year term while the canddiate recieving the third most votes shall serve a two year term.