EAD3 Study Groups Report: "Implementing EAD3: plans from software developers and archival networks/consortia"

The EAD Roundtable and related EAD3 Study Group initiative is pleased to announce the distribution of the following report:

"Implementing EAD3: plans from software developers and archival networks/consortia"

May 8, 2015

Prepared by Nicole Blechynden (Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation), Mark Custer (Yale University), and Adrian Turner (California Digital Library)

The objective of this report is to share with the archival community the 2014 research results of the EAD3 Study Group 2: Systems and Infrastructure, in regards to the readiness of solution providers in the transition to EAD3. This includes an overview of systems, software platforms, and infrastructure that support the creation and/or publication of archival descriptions formatted using the EAD standard.  By "solution providers," we mean developers and vendors of archival management software, EAD authoring tools, and EAD data conversion utilities.  We additionally asked key contacts for statewide and regional archival consortia/networks to indicate their plans for transitioning their platforms to support EAD3.

The EAD Study Group initiative was launched in 2014, with a preliminary report on activities at the 2014 SAA annual meeting (http://www2.archivists.org/groups/encoded-archival-description-ead-roundtable/2014-eadrt-annual-meeting).  The groups will report on work to date at the upcoming 2015 SAA annual meeting.

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