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University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Address: Special Collections Department, Lied Library
4505 Maryland Parkway
Box 457010
Las Vegas, NV 89154-7010
Phone: (702) 895-2234 ; 702-895-2253
Contact: Su Kim Chung, Manuscripts Librarian
Web: General: ; GLBT Collections: ay%2FLesbian
Special Collections was founded in 1967 within UNLV’s University Library. Our department documents the history and culture of Las Vegas and southern Nevada, and it is within this context that we have established collections documenting the GLBTQ history of Las Vegas. It was not until 1984 that Special Collections began acquiring significant Nevada GLBTQ materials. Most of the university’s queer material has been collected and donated by historian and author, Dennis McBride, who is currently completing his manuscript on the history of gays in Las Vegas. Mr. McBride regularly augments the collections.
Current Holdings: Size and Content:
Approx 40 linear feet
1. Manuscript material (personal papers)
2. Film, video, or sound
3. Organization records
4. Photographs
5. Printed (books, journals, etc.)
6. Clippings or vertical files
7. Objects and ephemera (key chains, bumper stickers, graffiti, t-shirts, etc.)
What specific time period(s) and geographical region(s) do the holdings cover? 20th century Las Vegas (specifically 1970s-Present)
What significant people, organizations and subjects are documented in the material? Persons, organizations and events in the Las Vegas GLBT Community.
Summary of the collections:
The GLBTQ component in the UNLV Special Collections Department includes a wide variety of material. Manuscript collections document local Queer organizations [Nevadans for Human Rights; Gay and Lesbian Community Center; the Imperial Royal Sovereign Court of the Desert Empire; the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada; Equal Rights Nevada; Las Vegas Men’s Club Archives]; political events [Nevada Protection of Marriage Initiative; Equality Days; Sodomy Prosecutions in Nevada]; cultural events and businesses [Las Vegas Bugle Papers; the Cave Nightclub; Center Stage Productions; Marge Jacques Papers; Get Booked Papers; Reno Gay Rodeo; Stonewall Park; Gay Male Pornography – African-American and Interracial, 1970s-80s]; as well as personal papers [Daniel Hinkley Papers; Eddie Anderson Collection; Lori Lipman Brown Papers; Ted Lenhart Papers; Valentino Collection; Christie Young Papers; David Green Collection; Lee Plotkin Papers]. The scope of these and many other collections is broad, detailing every facet of the growth and development of the Las Vegas Queer Community. The GLBTQ component of Special Collections includes complete runs of all local community publications from the 1970s onward; several thousand photographs; oral history tapes and transcripts; posters, banners, and fliers; clippings collections; small artifacts; and a significant collection of general historical monographs and serials dealing with homosexuality and associated issues from the late 19th century through the 1970s which provide context for the Nevada materials.

Collection Growth:
At the moment, severe space difficulties would prevent us from taking on large collections. We would have to consider things on a case-by-case basis, and they would have to deal specifically with the GLBT community in Las Vegas and southern Nevada for us to consider taking them. We try to avoid taking large artifacts and would prefer taking documents, printed or video/film material.

Access and Use: 1. What are the requirements for using the organization's/institution's material? Fill out registration form and sign in upon first visit, subsequent visits, only sign-in required. Fill out paging slips to access material in closed stacks.
2. Are these requirements different than those for using the LBGT material? NO
3. Are regular hours maintained for access (please specify when), or is it by appointment only? Regular hours: 9-5 MWF and 9-9 TTH
4. Is the site wheelchair accessible? yes

1. Research space
2. Reference assistance on site
3. Telephone reference
4. Internet reference (e-mail/web)
5. Copying services
6. Audiovisual facilities
7. Exhibitions Loan agreements for exhibits We would do this but have not yet been asked
8. Borrowing privileges for individuals (please specify what kinds of material may be borrowed) NO unless specific arrangements have been made for an exhibit

Indices to the collections:
Collection summaries (brief paragraph) available online and in hard copy for most collections. Many have been cataloged and have records in the online catalog. Collection guides or inventories available in hard copy only for most collections but electronic versions are available via email upon request. There is also an oral history index.
The following is a link to currently available collection summaries:

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