CPWG Minutes 08/11/2010

Note: Minutes taken from CPWG's SAA council report


Cultural Property Working Group
Washington, D.C.
August  11, 2010

August 11, 2010 - 9:00am - 11:30am

  • Introduction of co-chair; governance of the Working Group:
    • Marisol Ramos was introduced as the co-chair, with Jeannette Bastian, of CPWG.
  • Jeannette discussed establishing a governing structure for the CWPG that included rotating co- chairs with differential year appointments for the membership i.e. 2 year and 3 year appointments. Robert and Sharon recommended 2 years appointments.
  • Membership should include representatives from specific Roundtables such as Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage, Archivists and Archives of Color, Native American Archives, Human Right Archives and NARA (government) – informal recommendation
  • Review of the past year: Assessment /viability of current project on Culturally Sensitive and Archival practices
  • Recap of last year’ activities primarily revolving around the Cultural Sensitivity framework developed by Kelvin White (posted on the CPWG wiki) and the efforts of Working Group members to match core archival activities to the framework:
    • Marisol presented the efforts of the Access group in conceptualizing Access in terms of the framework and other members of the Working Group discussed the difficulties they had encountered. Discussion turned to whether this exercise was something that the Working Group should be doing at this time or whether there were some other steps that needed to be done first. The group concluded that there needed to be preliminary steps to creating a cultural sensitivity framework for core archival activities. These steps might include developing case studies and scenarios, possibly case studies that specifically addresses sections of the framework, i.e. preservation, appraisal. Other types of research were also suggested including a more extensive bibliography. Members agreed that many institutions were facing cultural sensitivity issues but were also often working in a vacuum.
  • Goals for next year
    • Developing a set of principles around Cultural Sensitivity. (This project is on hold for the moment)
    • Cases Studies
      • Marisol Ramos, Lisa Nguyen and Lisa Callahan volunteered to add to the CPWG’s wiki three cases studies on.
        • Lisa Nguyen: Ownership/ stewardship/custody
        • Marisol Ramos: Access, acquisition, provenance
        • Lisa Callahan: Donor relations
        • Deadline: May 2012
  • At noon, members of CPWG and IPWG met to discuss ways to collaborate since there are overlaps between the two working groups’ charges.
    • It was decided during the meeting to try to put together a panel for the 2012 annual meeting in San Diego on cultural property, intellectual property and privacy using as a case study UConn’s experience with the Puerto Rican Civil Court Legal Documents. Unfortunately we were unable to find speakers for this panel. It was decided to try again for the SAA Annual Meeting in 2013.
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