List of relevant conferences that deal with issues of cultural heritage/property and archives. Visit this page often for new updates!


About the symposium:

The Cultural Heritage Archives symposium aims to energize the discussion of ethnographic archival thought and practice by presenting fresh and dynamic strategies for contemporary archival realities. It will also provide a forum for new voices to present and discuss emerging archival initiatives as well as case studies focused on several key topics for a public audience. The symposium will combine longer presentations by invited speakers with short with short, focused papers on a range of topics.

About the conference:

On June 27th 2013, a conference will be held at Stanford University Libraries (SUL), dedicated to Estonian archives, libraries, museums and research possibilities abroad. The organizers hope to bring together representatives from institutions, organizations and societies interested in collecting, preserving and researching Estonian cultural heritage abroad, in order to instigate discussion about the current state and future of these matters. We would be very glad if participants and guests would bring their questions and ideas about what the near future of collecting and researching Estonian material abroad could and should look like.