Session 203 Preview: Lights, Camera, Archives! Working with the Media and Moviemakers

Session 203 Preview: Lights, Camera, Archives! Working with the Media and Moviemakers

Eric D. Chin, NBCUniversal



Archivists working in the corporate structure of a television and motion picture studio are constantly presented with a variety of responsibilities and challenges that are unique to the profession. Perhaps key to their job is to assist television shows or movies in production with the proper reference or assets needed for filming. This may include something as simple as providing an historic photo to capture the look and feeling of a specific person, place or event the television show or film is trying to convey. Often times a set designer will inquire about a poster to use as background set dressing. In the cases of sequels or a franchise film series, productions will request physical assets from the previous films such as costumes and props to maintain the continuity of a story and accurate appearance of its characters. Due to the varying nature of requests and the insurmountable number of loans necessary to fulfill them, studio archivists have to anticipate client needs, shift priorities and flex principles to adjust working with productions and their demanding shooting schedules and deadlines. 

With the proper preparation however, working with production is definitely a rewarding experience and provides free publicity and exposure towards your collection. Using our recent collaborative work on the production of Fast & Furious 6 (2013) as a backdrop, I will share how the NBCUniversal Archives & Collections maintains a healthy relationship working with production on a daily basis.

Please join me and 13 other panelists at Archives 2013 in New Orleans for an in-depth lightning talk at Session 203 – Lights, Camera, Archives! Working with the Media and Moviemakers. Other presentations will feature archivists working on hit television shows like Mad Men, assisting documentary filmmakers, and acting as an historical spokesperson in a media appearance. Each panelist will present his/her specific project or issue and provide a lesson learned.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, August 14, 1:30-3 PM in Grand Ballroom B.




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