Submission Guidelines for Archival Spirit

The Archival Spirit is published two to three times per year by the Archivists of Religious Collections Section (ARCS) of the Society of American Archivists (SAA). Those interested in contributing a submission related to work with religious collections may do so by contacting newsletter editor Tom McCullough at Examples of relevant content include, but are not limited to:

  • Announcements (grants, exhibits, awards, newly processed collections, new acquisitions, major staff changes, continuing education opportunities)
  • Histories of religious repositories (this is especially relevant for repositories that currently have little exposure or users consulting their materials)
  • Essays (e.g., reflections on access and privacy as it pertains to mission records)
  • Technical notes (e.g., implementing a new content management software)
  • Interviews with individuals working in religious archives
  • Relevant reports from other sections, committees, and religious groups

Draft articles should be submitted as DOCX, RTF, or TXT files and range between 150 and 700 words; however, longer submissions may be discussed with and approved by the editor. Accompanying graphics (e.g., photographs, logos) to submissions are always encouraged and should be submitted separately as email attachments to the editor. Image captions can be provided by email or in the word-processing draft.

Submission calls and deadlines are announced in SAA Connect; however, those interested in contributing to the newsletter are encouraged to contact the editor and discuss submissions at any time of their convenience.

Note: If you'd like to share a link or reference to preexisting content with the editor, please do so, as a short listing of "religious archives in the news" accompanies each issue of Archival Spirit.