June 2023 - Virtual Meeting

Meeting Date(s): 
June 29, 2023 - 11:00am - 12:30pm

Society of American Archivists
American Archivist Editorial Board

Zoom Meeting | June 29, 2023 | 11:00am – 12:30pm CT


I. Welcome – Amy Cooper Cary  

II. Updates 

  • A. Council – Joyce Gabiola
    B. Hidden Content Project  Amanda Greenwood and Bree'ya Brown
    C. Theodore Calvin Pease Award Winner – Amy Cooper Cary
    D. Reviews – Rose Buchanan and Stephanie Luke
    E. Issue 86.2 (Fall/Winter 2023) Table of Contents  Amy Cooper Cary
    F. Middle Eastern and North African Archives Special Section – Sumayya Ahmed Rebecca Hankins

III. Proposal for Special Section on Accessioning led by Rosemary K. J. Davis  Amy Cooper Cary

IV. ChatGPT Usage in Articles – Rose Buchanan, Stephanie Luke, Amy Cooper Cary

  • Case of a Reviews Portal submission
  • Gather Examples of Journal Policies & Board Concerns
  • Develop Proposed Policy for American Archivist

V. Readership Survey – Amy Cooper Cary


VI. Fall Preview – Amy Cooper Cary
Revisiting and moving forward on previous conversations. If you'd like to work on any of the below, let Amy know.

  • A. Editorial Board Engagement and Shepherding Articles
    B. Pros and Cons of Continuous Publishing
    C. Reformatting and Revising Peer Review Rubric
    D. Opt-in Language for Peer Reviewer Identification
    E. Bibliography for Articles that Have Been Written about the Journal
    F. Positionality Statement: Offering Examples for Authors
    G. Fostering Engagement with the Reviews Portal