The American Archivist

The American Archivist

Christopher (Cal) Lee,

Established in 1938, The American Archivist is the leading publication in the archives field. Published semi-annually by the Society of American Archivists, this refereed journal is available both in print (ISSN 0360-9081) and online. The journal seeks to reflect thinking about theoretical and practical developments in the archival profession, particularly in North America; about the relationships between archivists and the creators and users of archives; and about cultural, social, legal, and technological developments that affect the nature of recorded information and the need to create and maintain it. Interested in contributing? Read the submission guidelines. includes information for prospective authors and the entire run—more than 260 issues—of the journal. Except for the six most recent issues, the journal content is open access. In the six most recent issues, only the table of contents, article abstracts, and book reviews are publicly available; the articles are reserved for complementary viewing by SAA members and journal subscribers, but may be downloaded for a fee by the public. 

Reviews Portal: Stay on top of the latest resources! This portal expands and complements the Reviews section in The American Archivist by providing additional information about resources for archives and professional archivists. 

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