Council Resolution Honoring Terry Baxter

July 29, 2017

WHEREAS Terry Baxter has been an archivist since 1986 and a member of the Society of American Archivists since 2000; and

WHEREAS Terry has continuously shown his commitment to the archives profession via his long service to various endeavors, including serving on:

  • The governing boards of the Society; the Northwest Archivists; the Monmouth, Oregon, Historic Buildings and Sites Commission; the Monmouth, Oregon, Library; the Oregon Historical Society Library; and the Northwest History Network;
  • The program committees for SAA, the Northwest Archivists, and the Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums;
  • The steering committees (often as Chair) for the Government Records, Issues and Advocacy, and Reference, Access, and Outreach sections; the Diversity Committee; the Membership Committee; and the Nominating Committee; and
  • The steering committee for the Archives Leadership Institute (ALI), as well as attending both ALI and the Institute for Advanced Archival Administration (“Camp Pitt”); and

WHEREAS Terry, on his first trip to the East Coast to attend Camp Pitt, was astonished to learn that, no, the East Coast is not wall-to-wall asphalt but does indeed have trees; and

WHEREAS Terry has a knack for pushing the envelope, such as shaving his beard when a fundraising goal for the Mosaic Scholarship Fund was met; holding end-of-conference celebrations that are widely enjoyed (except by hotel security); and offering hugs that warm the heart and crush the bone; and

WHEREAS Terry has worked on diversity and inclusion issues in archives for more than 30 years, culminating (to date) in the Liberated Archive Forum on Saturday, July 29; and

WHEREAS Terry has been a consistent champion for Oregon and a vocal proponent for more than a decade to bring the SAA Annual Meeting to Portland;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the Society of American Archivists recognizes and thanks Terry Baxter for his outstanding service to SAA and the archives profession.