Teaching With Primary Sources: How to Design for Active Learning

Certificate Eligibility: 
5 ARC, 0.75 CEU
1 day

As an archivist, do you feel unprepared to teach? Have you heard about active learning but don’t know how to move beyond the traditional show-and-tell? In this introductory course, you’ll be introduced to pedagogical theory and practices, discover teaching resources within and outside of the archives community, practice designing active learning experiences, and start planning for how to connect all the dots back home.

Learning Outcomes: 
Recognize applications of active learning strategies in archives-based instruction
Write measurable learning outcomes
Distinguish broader objectives from specific outcomes
Employ backward design to create an active learning exercise around a primary source
Develop strategies for matching collections and learning objectives
Recognize, locate, apply, and adapt trusted TPS resources
Who Should Attend: 

Practicing librarians, archivists, and museum professionals who are (or will be, or would like to be) directly responsible for teaching with collections, and managers and administrators responsible for (or interested in developing) instruction programs

What You Should Already Know: 

A basic understanding of archives and/or libraries

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