25 Earn Digital Archives Specialist Certificate from the Society of American Archivists

CHICAGO—Congratulations to the 25 new Digital Archives Specialists (DAS)! These archivists, who represent a variety of repositories around the country, earned a DAS Certificate from the Society of American Archivists (SAA) after completing required coursework within twenty-four months and passing a comprehensive examination in May 2024.

The innovative DAS curriculum, developed by experts in the field of digital archives, is structured around seven core competencies: understanding the nature of records in electronic form; defining for a variety of audiences the requirements, roles, and responsibilities related to digital archives; formulating strategies and tactics for appraisal, description, management, organization, and preservation; integrating technology to provide access to digital collections; planning for the integration of new tools for successive generations of technology; curating, storing, and retrieving original masters and access copies of digital archives; and providing dependable organization and service to designated communities across networks. Participants complete nine required courses from four tiers addressing these competencies.

The new Digital Archives Specialists are:

Catherine Ahern; Susan Anderson; Keerthi Chandrashekar; Melanie Cutietta; Masada Devine; Emily Dixon; Samantha Dodgen; Fiona Du Brock; Danielle Glynn; Heather Green; Lindsay Hager; Jameson Hastings; Taylor Henning; Kimberly Hoffman; Kieran McGhee; Ada Negraru; Ben Parnin; Amanda Peters; Angiola Piccolo; Irina Rogova; Courtney Rookard; Joe Schill; Peter Sutton; Laura Swangin; Lulu Zilinskas

A total of 907 people have earned Digital Archives Specialist certificates since the program began in 2011. For more information, visit www2.archivists.org/prof-education/das or contact SAA Education (education@archivists.org).