SAA Stands in Solidarity with Ukrainian and Russian Archivists

March 7, 2022—The Society of American Archivists stands in solidarity with our Ukrainian and Russian archival colleagues; we recognize that the unprovoked invasion by Russia has great impact on their personal lives and their work. SAA unites with people and organizations of conscience from around the world in denouncing the aggression by Russia, which has since resulted in lives lost, the displacing of millions of Ukrainians from their homes, and destruction to land and property.

SAA together with the International Council on Archives urges the Russian government to respect the 1954 Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict. In addition, SAA joins with ICA in making available where it can assistance to Ukrainian colleagues working to safeguard at-risk archives. The SAA Foundation’s National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives provides assistance for the recovery of damaged or at-risk archival materials, available to international repositories and special collections under exceptional circumstances such as this crisis.


As we continue to hope for peace, there are a number of organizations providing humanitarian support to the Ukraine that welcome assistance (courtesy of NPR):