Encourage Your Senators to Confirm Dr. Colleen Shogan as Archivist of the United States

October 13, 2022—In September, the President’s nominee for Archivist of the United States (AOTUS), Dr. Colleen Shogan, appeared before the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs (HSGAC) in accordance with the Senate’s advice and consent capacity for presidential appointments. One week later, the Committee, which is evenly divided 7-7 reflecting the Senate’s 50-50 split, voted on Dr. Shogan’s nomination and deadlocked along party lines. This has complicated the AOTUS appointment process, but it does not mean the process is at the end of the road. HSGAC Chair Gary Peters has said that he will work with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to move the nomination forward for a vote in the full Senate.

Tell your Senators to support Dr. Shogan’s nomination. The Council of State Archivists has partnered with EveryLibrary to create a simple template for archivists, cultural heritage workers, and the public at large to encourage US Senators to confirm Dr. Shogan as the next AOTUS. The Society of American Archivists (SAA) urges members to use this template and tell your Senators about the importance of this critical appointment. With this template, you can easily identify your Senators and customize the text of the e-mail to personalize your message.

Our public records and archives institutions work tirelessly to serve the American people, ensuring the protection of individuals’ rights, the accountability of governments and organizations, and the accessibility of historical information. As the leader of the National Archives and Records Administration, the AOTUS is the principal agenda-setter for the country’s largest public records and archives operation. SAA’s membership encourages Senators to confirm Dr. Shogan as the next leader to carry out the mission of the agency, which “drives openness, cultivates public participation, and strengthens our nation’s democracy through public access to high-value government records.”

Urge your Senators to confirm Dr. Shogan as the next Archivist of the United States.