Call for Member Comments: SAA Strategic Plan Dashboard (2023-2025)

January 19, 2022—The SAA Council seeks member comment by February 4 on a new draft of the SAA Strategic Plan Dashboard for fiscal years 2023–2025.

The Council began review of the dashboard in fall 2021, per the established regular strategic planning cycle. This proposed draft consolidates significant updates from the current FY 2020–2022 dashboard as well as incorporating new actions and activities, most notably from the recent SAA Work Plan on DEIA.

The Council uses a Strategic Plan Dashboard to develop and track specific projects, initiatives, and activities to accomplish the goals of the SAA Strategic Plan. This living document is frequently referenced and reviewed by the Council, growing and adapting to the evolving needs of SAA and the profession. 

The SAA Council welcomes your comments, questions, and suggestions on any part of this document to ensure it reflects the needs and priorites of SAA and the profession.

[DRAFT] SAA Strategic Plan Dashboard (FY 2023–2025)



Comment on the draft dashboard by Friday, February 4:

  • Post a comment publicly on this webpage (below; login to access).


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11 Comment(s) to the "Call for Member Comments: SAA Strategic Plan Dashboard (2023-2025)"
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