SAA Foundation Awards Six Strategic Growth Grants

June 1, 2021—The SAA Foundation Board awards grants that meet the mission and goals of the Foundation and/or SAA’s strategic planning priorities. Now in its sixth year of the program, the Foundation is pleased to announce the following grant projects:

  • “Stories of Survival: Digitizing Oral Histories in the Michael D’Orso Collection on the Rosewood Massacre,” as submitted by the Old Dominion University Libraries Special Collections and University Archives, funded in the amount of $2,275. 
  • “A Survey of Archival Revolutions: Transitional Moments and Paradigmatic Shifts,” as submitted by Brenda Gunn and Steven Booth, funded in the amount of $3,850.
  • “Arrangement and Description of the Video TropicoSur Collection,” as submitted by Natalie Baur and El Colegio de México, funded in the amount of $5,000.
  • “Caption Pre-2020 Recorded SAA Education Trainings,” as submitted by Dr. Lydia Tang, funded in the amount of $3,200.
  • “Addressing Harm as an Archival Imperative,” as submitted by Joyce Gabiola and Lambda Archives of San Diego, funded in the amount of $5,000.
  • “Chicago Dance History Project Archive Preservation,” as submitted by Executive Director Jenai Cutcher, funded in the amount of $5,000.


Congratulations to the awardees! 

Thanks to all the applicants for their interest and commitment to the growth of the profession, and to the many donors who have generously supported the Strategic Growth Fund, which allows for these opportunities. Learn more about the SAA Foundation’s grant program, including guidelines and deadlines, or consider making a donation to the fund.