SAA Council Approves Statements, Section Name Changes, and More

The SAA Council accomplished the following on the October 6, 2017, conference call:

Approved a Statement on the Value and Importance of the U.S. Census, in which “SAA notes with concern two factors that may compromise the capacity of the U.S. Census Bureau to perform its long-standing and critically important work of documenting the nation’s population: current vacancies in the positions of Bureau Director and Deputy Director/Chief Operating Officer, which create a leadership vacuum, and the Trump Administration’s proposal to make significant cuts in non-defense-related federal funding.”

Approved a Statement on the Value and Importance of Transparency in Government (forthcoming), which states clearly and simply a concept that is embedded throughout SAA’s Public Policy Agenda.

Approved the following section name changes, as put forward by the respective sections: the Architectural Records Section will now be the Design Records Section; the Lesbian and Gay Archives Section will now be the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Section; and the Recorded Sound Section will now be the Audio and Moving Image Section.

Approved the standing rules for SAA’s newest section, the Independent Archivists Section.

The SAA Council sends all the best to those affected by the many recent natural disasters, and Council members encourage institutions in need of support to apply for funding from the SAA Foundation’s National Disaster Recovery Fund for Archives.

Meeting minutes for the Council conference call will be made available on the SAA website as soon as possible, pending Council review and adoption.