Here's What Your Colleagues Are Doing for "I Found It" Contest

  • Taking Notes: Texas State Archivist Jelain Chubb worked with her communications team to develop a swanky poster and handy note card encouraging archives visitors to jot down what they found and then to convert those notes into an entry for I Found It In The (Texas) Archives contest.
  • Sponsoring Prizes: To provide incentives for participation in I Found It In The Archives!, the East Texas Research Center at Stephen F. Austin State University partnered with local businesses to offer 14 different prizes, including a one-night stay and breakfast at a B&B, a t-shirt, coffee mug, gift cards, and more!
  • Making Waves: Becky Church, archivist at the Surfing Heritage Foundation Museum, is barreling ahead with the I Found It In The Archives contest at her repository. The San Clemente Times ran a feature about it on Jan. 4 (click here to read Finding Tales from the Archives).
  • Celebrating: Tim Pyatt, head of special collections at Penn State Libraries, reports receiving several superb entries for their local contest and holding a special ceremony in mid-January to celebrate their local winner, who is now entered in the national contest!

What about your local contest? Submit your entry for the national competition by March 2, 2012, to