Membership Hits Record 5,000!

Like many professional associations, SAA believes that there is strength in numbers. SAA is proud to announce that our longstanding goal of reaching 5,000 members was achieved in October.  “Mr. 5000” is SAM SCHILLER, a first-year graduate student in the Master of Library and Information Science program at the University of Denver. When he received a phone message from SAA, Schiller said his initial thought was that he had filled out his application incorrectly.

“It’s a pleasant surprise that, instead, I have such a unique opportunity to help SAA celebrate this milestone,” he said.

Schiller is pursuing his degree in Archives and Records Management and is particularly interested in the preservation of early photography, audio recordings, and motion pictures.

“We have incredible cultural and historical information stored in these materials, yet as we all know, many of these items are already deteriorating at an alarming rate. I hope to find a career where I can dedicate myself to preserving these materials for future generations to learn from and enjoy.”

Schiller joined SAA at the urging of his program chair, and also became a member of the American Library Association, the Special Libraries Association and the Colorado Association of Libraries. He has already attended two activities in October as a result of his new affiliations.

 “In fact, one was an SAA program right here at the University of Denver. I am thrilled that such opportunities are happening so early in our program and so close to home,” Schiller added.

His prizes include a free year of membership, free registration to ARCHIVES 2008 in San Francisco, and a set of the Archival Fundamentals Series II.