Emmett Leahy Award Nominations Invited

The Emmett Leahy Award Committee is pleased to announce that nominations are being accepted for the 2007 Emmett Leahy Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Information and Records Management Profession. 

The Emmett Leahy Award recognizes an individual whose outstanding contributions have had a major impact on the information and records management profession. Established in 1967, this award honors the spirit of innovation, dedication, and excellence in records and information management of Emmett Leahy, an icon in the development of the lifecycle approach to managing records and information.

The Emmett Leahy Award, which is not formally affiliated with any profession or professional association, is presented during the ARMA International Annual Conference. Luciana Duranti, the 2006 Emmett Leahy Award recipient, typifies the outstanding contributions to the information and records management profession that are associated with the Emmett Leahy Award. Additional information on Luciana Duranti and previous award recipients is available at http://www.leahyaward.com.

Any individual whose contributions to information and records management meet the criteria for the Leahy Award is eligible to be nominated.  A nominee does not have to be a Certified Records Manager, a member of a professional organization, or reside in North America. Previous recipients include records and information users, academics, archivists, records managers, information technology specialists, and consultants. 

Individuals, employers, or professional associations may make nominations. Nominations should be sent electronically to Charles Dollar, Chair of the Leahy Award Committee (thecdollar@cs.com) by June 1, 2007. The Leahy Award Committee, which consists of the previous ten recipients, will review nominations on the basis of the published selection criteria and invite nominees who meet the Award criteria to submit formal applications. 

Information about Emmett Leahy, the history of the Leahy Award, previous recipients, and the selection criteria is available at http://www.leahyaward.com.

Iron Mountain, INC promotes excellence and best practices in information and records management and supports the Leahy Award’s important contributions to this goal.

2007 Leahy Award Committee

Christine Ardern
Eugenia Brumm
James Coulson
Charles Dollar (Chair)
Luciana Duranti,
David Goodman
John McDonald,
Bruce Miller
John Phillips
Mary Robek