SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2020/12/10

SNAP Steering Committee 2020-2021
Meeting #3: Thursday, December 10, 2020
Time: 5:30 PM PT / 7:30 PM CT/ 8:30 PM ET

  1. Ex-Officio Discussion:
    1. An applicant for an Ex-Officio position reports from overseas. Current bylaws do not exclude non-members from holding Ex-Officio positions. Consensus: scheduling difficulties may arise, but are not prohibitive to participation.
    2. Low documentation for blog - use Google folder to continue knowledge transfer to onboarding Ex-Officio members.
  2. Election Results - Congrats to all!
    1. Junior Blog Team: Marissa Friedman and Leah Tams
    2. Junior Social Media: Rachel Talbot
    3. Student Chapter Coordinator: Christy Sanchez
  3. Joint Effort of SNAP/Membership Committee: SAA orientation resource
    1. Past project, Alison Clemens asked if this is something we’d be interested in continuing
    2. SAA embedded microsite
    3. Renae, Liz, Carady volunteer to participate
  4. SNAPpy Hour reflection
    1. Overall successful, although more of an “impromptu steering committee meeting” due to attendance. 
    2. Review of SAA SNAP Archivists Hacks idea sheet - suggest 15-30 minute “resource library”
    3. Additional suggestions include scheduling later in the evening (more accessible to students/west coasters) and/or holding multiple sessions in one day to improve scheduling and student chapter outreach/participation. 
    4. Session recap = blog post opportunity!
    5. Establish a small working group to discuss formation contributors, etc. May be more successful with targeted questions/topics. 
    6. Schedule next one for spring semester 
  5. Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) #snaprt/coffee hour (see blog)? 
    2. Group has flat structure, very welcoming community, broad community and experience, welcoming to new members; promote lurking
    3. Happy to do SNAPpy Hour or Twitter chat (with DPS collective), would love to present on what they are about and what they are doing (Laura for contact information). Just hosted a conference—wealth of information and experience.
    4. Would be valuable to new professionals on how to develop TPS materials for their collections—possible theme for spring or fall session?
  6. Rutgers SOURCE SAA Presentation with Alison Clemens
    1. SNAP can share link to video through social media, but needs to get permission before sharing on blog (or re-record it).
  7. Membership Survey
    1. Review/final edits to SNAP Member Survey
    2. Process for sending survey to SNAP Members / all of SAA? SAA ListServ, Twitter, Student Chapters
    3. Final comments by END OF DEC. 
    4. Send date: mid-January; 
    5. Report Date: January or February Meeting
  8. Blog Team (Laura Bell, Joe Schill, Elizabeth James, Kaitlyn Lichtle)
    1. Regional Archival Associations Consortium (RAAC) guest post
    2. Steering Committee Intro posts will begin in January, featuring Katie Lichtle.
  9. Social Media (Stephanie Crawford, Louise LoBello)
    1. Next Twitter chat: Pop Culture depictions of archivists and librarians
  10. Student Chapter Coordinator (Lourdes Johnson, Hope Ketcham Geeting)
    1. Neither representative present this meeting
  11. Web Liaison (Liz Holdzkom)
    1. No updates
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