SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2023/02/23

SNAP Steering Committee 2022-2023

Meeting #6: Thursday, Feb 23, 2023

Time: 8 AM PT / 10 AM CT/ 11 AM ET

Attendance via Zoom: Marissa / Amber Bales / Bailey Adolph / Jessi Knoles / Nicole Font / Michelle Novak /LaShaunda Croussore

  1. Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. Writing/Publishing opportunities webinar with Archives and Archivists of Color Section - how did it go? Check in with those who attended.

      1. Recording is available here

    2. SAA Archival Educators Section Listening Session recap - notes here

      1. Nicole wrote up a quick summary and that and the notes will be published on the blog

      2. Interest in demystifying process for presentations at conferences, academic interviews, etc - great webinar possibility -

        1. Informal sessions for presentation practices

          1. Good support for student chapters and new profs

          2. Work with Laura to see how to best operationalize this process

    3. NOTE- Mental Health Awareness is in May-  clearly a topic of interest- might be a timely post

      1. Blog post

      2. Brainstorming - look for input from others

    4. Introduction to NARA with Meg Philips (NARA) - overview of history, organizational structure, function of NARA, geared towards MLIS students and recent grads interested in working for NARA - scheduled for March 23 at 11am PST/2pm EST.

      1. Amber and/or Michelle will host, Marissa will moderate Zoom waiting room and handle back end stuff

    5. Artist Archives Event with Visual Materials Section scheduled for Tuesday April 11th at 10am PST/1pm EST

      1. Host: TBD (could be Marissa)

  2. Vice-Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. Liaison to Membership Committee - updates:

      1. New SAA section to start in the fall: User Experience Section

      2. The annual meeting is likely to be hybrid every year as long as it remains affordable

      3. Michelle and I brought the topic of the SAA 101 Webinar to the committee and will begin planning soon --- need a date for this - look at after Mid April

        1. SNAP calendar is up to date- access vis log in- Marissa to share out

    2. SNAP/ Archivists and Archives of Color Writing/ Publishing Panel was held February 20

      1. Throughout the event, there were 45-59 attendees

        1. Great feedback from participants

  3. Blog Team

    1. Update on schedule with topics to help with submission calls?

    2. Based on listening session: idea for blog post or ongoing series on self-care and mental health in the archival field (difficulties of job hunt, precarious labor, finding community, handling failure and/or rejection)

      1. To check in with Kim to confirm on blog post calendar

      2. Note- blog page is not updating upcoming events

  4. Social Media

    1. Survey closed and Laura drafted an initial report/analysis for everyone’s feedback

      1. Pick up topic next month-

      2. Everyone be sure to review results

      3. No immediate plans to publish results-  a summary might make sense in a blog post

    2. YouTube Channel update?

      1. Marissa and/or Bailey need to check in with Felicia to see where we left off with that

        1. Note- Felicia is leaving SAA- New contact TBD - Gone as of March 7th

    3. Working on updating Facebook posting instructions on events doc

    4. Reminder: if you see any scholarships, events, resources, internships, etc. that you think would be of interest to our members send it Nicole’s way!

  5. Web Liaison

    1. No updates

  6. Student Chapter Coordinators

    1. Survey results pending

  7. Programming

    1. Ideas? Interest in hosting or participating in upcoming webinars?

    2. SAA Membership 101 Webinar update?

    3. Update on possible program collaboration with the Independent Archivists section? (Nicole)

    4. Webinar on archives as a second (or maybe even third) career path (Nicole) in the preliminary planning process

      1. 3 potential speakers courtesy of Nicole and Laura’s connections (and Bailey?)

        1. Rob Hudson, Assistant Director, Rose Museum and Archives at Carnegie Hall said yes

    5. Programming Topic Idea Worksheet—feel free to add to this or pick up a topic idea and start running with it—contact LaShaunda, Marissa, or Michelle to discuss how to start or if you would like a suggestion to start with

  8. Additional Updates (Open to All)

    1. Possible survey on labor and internships for students and new professionals with AWC - are we still interested in pursuing this?

      1. I am! (-Nicole)

    2. The Mutual Aid Circle for Emerging Archival Professionals (MAC4EAP)

  9. Confirmation of the next Meeting Date

    1. Next meeting Thursday March 23 at 8am PST/11am EST

  10. Additional Updates

    1. Set up a program to explore resources for job hunting  non-Glam pathways

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