SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2023/01/26

SNAP Steering Committee 2022-2023

Meeting #5: Thursday, Jan 26, 2023

Time: 8 AM PT / 10 AM CT/ 11 AM ET

Attendance via Zoom: Marissa / Laura / Michelle

  1. Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. RESCHEDULED: Writing/Publishing opportunities webinar with Archives and Archivists of Color Section (brainstorming doc here with questions - please let me know if you want to suggest any edits to the questions) scheduled for February 20th @ 2pm est / 11am PST

      1. Amber and/or Bailey(?) to co-host with person from other section (Shelley Black)

    2. SAA Archival Educators Section Listening Session focused on hearing from students and their needs/issues

      1. Nicole Font & Jessie Knoles will be representing SNAP/facilitating with Rebecca Frank from SAA Educators Section

      2. Volunteer for notetaker: could also be Nicole and/or Jessie?

    3. Introduction to NARA with Meg Philips (NARA) - overview of history, organizational structure, function of NARA, geared towards MLIS students and recent grads interested in working for NARA - scheduled for March 23 at 11am PST/2pm EST.

      1. Any interest in hosting? Otherwise Marissa will host. - Amber will host, Marissa will moderate Zoom waiting room and handle back end stuff

      2. Happy to co-host (Michelle)

    4. Artist Archives Event with Visual Materials Section: meeting Friday Feb. 3 to plan event with our 4 speakers - hoping for sometime in early March at the latest.

      1. Let Marissa know if you want to be added to planning session and/or co-host

  2. Vice-Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. Liaison to Membership Committee - updates:

  3. Blog Team

    1. Kimberlee is now senior blog coordinator and point person for blog-related inquiries

    2. New publication on January 18: Campus Networking in a Hybrid World

      1. This post got pretty good engagement and 2 likes

    3. Views are up 33% compared to last week

    4. A schedule with topics is being worked on to help with submission calls

  4. Social Media

    1. Survey posted one last time to Connect, Twitter, and Facebook

    2. Starting promoting SNAP/AES Listening Session. Will post a reminder in a few days

      1. As of Thursday morning, the link has 89 clicks

    3. FB posting procedures on SNAP Event Instructions are out of date – will update instructions with screenshots

    4. Promo materials for SAA AAC/SNAP writing panel

      1. Received the registration page. Is the promo text ready?

    5. Slight uptick in Twitter engagement lately, particularly due to UAlbany ISSA after the latest blog post. Maybe they’d be interested in doing an event with us?

    6. YouTube Channel update?

    7. Reminder: if you see any scholarships, events, resources, internships, etc. that you think would be of interest to our members send it Nicole’s way!

  5. Web Liaison

    1. No updates

  6. Student Chapter Coordinators

    1. Invitation to fill out survey sent directly to student chapter contacts earlier this month

    2. SNAP Guide to Student Chapters

  7. Programming

    1. Ideas? Interest in hosting or participating in upcoming webinars?

    2. SAA Membership 101 Webinar [Michelle, needs to be scheduled]

    3. Update on possible program collaboration with the Independent Archivists section? (Nicole)

      1. No new news currently

    4. Webinar on archives as a second (or maybe even third) career path (Nicole)

      1. 3 potential speakers courtesy of Nicole and Laura’s connections

    5. Additional Updates (Open to All)

    6. Volunteers: Webinar series - volunteers to take on the planning of the next one? Ideas?

    7. Programming Topic Idea Worksheet—feel free to add to this or pick up a topic idea and start running with it—contact LaShaunda, Marissa, or Michelle to discuss how to start or if you would like a suggestion to start with

  8. Confirmation of the next Meeting Date

    1. Next meeting Thursday February 23 at 8am PST/11am EST


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