SNAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - 2023/05/24

SNAP Steering Committee 2022-2023

Meeting #9: Wednesday, 5/24/23

Time: 8 AM PT / 10 AM CT/ 11 AM ET

 Attendance via Google Meet: N/A


  1. Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. Annual SNAP meeting scheduled for July 13th at 6pm CST

      1. Start considering programming options:

        1. Student chapters: 2 votes

        2. Professional programming: 2 votes

      2. Still haven’t decided - folks at the meeting can do an informal vote and we will go with whatever the decision is

    2. Event in the works: Archivist as 2nd career - speakers are almost lined up

      1. Tentatively scheduled for May 31st

    3. SNAP elections!

      1. Call and reminder call have gone out, so far we have 5 candidates for Steering Committee. WE NEED NOMINATIONS FOR SECRETARY AND VICE-CHAIR, as well as social media ex-officio nominations

    4. Jessie and Nicole updated two resources aimed at helping new members to SAA navigate the annual conference, this year in Washington, D.C.

      1. “Lunch Buddy” Program and Rideshare/Roomshare/Housing Program spreadsheets updated and sent to SAA - we will also share on our blog and socials

      2. Other options (from Michelle): create a SNAP orientation guide to SAA Conference

  2. Vice-Chair Announcements + Upcoming Administration

    1. Liaison to Membership Committee - updates?

      1. Annual meeting is July 11 at 2pm ET to 3:30pm ET

  3. Blog Team

    1. Bailey: four mental health posts in May

    2. Marissa working on final blog post for end of May

    3. Blog always open for input

    4. Two new blog posts relating to mental health available online

  4. Social Media

    1. YouTube Channel update?

      1. SNAP wants own channel on SAA YouTube account; need access to upload videos to SAA YouTube account

      2. Marissa and/or Bailey need to check in with Hannah to see where we left off with that

      3. Michelle has all videos on her Vimeo account. Sent a dropbox link to videos to SAA in 2022, for them to upload to YouTube. No action.

    2. Reminder: if you see any scholarships, events, resources, internships, etc. that you think would be of interest to our members send it Nicole’s way!

  5. Web Liaison

    1. No updates

  6. Student Chapter Coordinators

    1. Reached out to SAA regarding SNAP relationship to student chapters

    2. Survey results

    3. If anyone else wants to submit feedback on the survey, there is still time

    4. Then Laura will polish up and send off

  7. Programming

    1. Ideas? Interest in hosting or participating in upcoming webinars?

    2. Programming Topic Idea Worksheet—feel free to add to this or pick up a topic idea and start running with it—contact LaShaunda, Marissa, or Michelle to discuss how to start or if you would like a suggestion to start with

    3. Michelle - Survey SNAP to see what type of programming they’d like to see – possibly survey around the annual meeting?

  8. Additional Updates (Open to All)

  9. Confirmation of the next Meeting Date

    1. Next meeting Thursday June 29th at 8am PST/11am EST


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